My New Title

I’m a nerd.

I’ve quit fighting it, and just embraced it.

So, imagine my elation when I was accepted to be a “book reviewer” for Bethany House Publishers. Basically, because I have a blog, the ability to read, and an opinion, I qualified, and I am stoked! They send me a book, I read it, and then share my opinion with you wonderful readers.  Then, I get to KEEP the book! So cool, right? 

I love reading, and always have, so this program is right up my nerd alley! Plus, who doesn’t like to add titles to their repertoire? Just call me, “Heidi, the Book Reviewer.” Thank you very much 🙂 (Oh, and I am not required to say anything in particular- the book was provided by Bethany House, but the opinions are all mine.)

The first book that I received was Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson. The book follows the life of main character, Hannah Dandridge. The setting is Civil War era in Texas.

When Hannah’s mother, and then step-mother pass away, her grief-stricken father moves the family, Hannah & his two children from his second wife, to Texas for a fresh start.  Her father’s dirty business partner ends up plotting and carrying out some nasty schemes, that leave Hannah in charge of many big decisions for their family and ranch. Then along comes a handsome stranger, who adds a romantic touch to the plot, all amidst stories of Civil War battles, Indian attacks, and general day-to-day struggles.

I’ll be honest…I was in the middle of a Karen Kingsbury series at the time when this book arrived in the mail. So, it took me a few chapters to be able to really switch gears from modern day, people texting each other on their cell phones, to Civil War “yes ma’am” era. But when I made the mental switch, I was quickly captivated by the story line.

There was just enough mystery to keep me guessing, but also, being a hopeless romantic, the love story was a good one.

The story line was not as intricate as some books I have read, as it really mainly just followed one main character. However, that was almost refreshing because I didn’t find myself finishing one chapter on a cliff-hanger moment, and then having to wait 4 chapters to find some resolution.

This book was a quick read for me, and overall I did enjoy its’ simplicity very much. I am glad that it is only “Book One” in its’ series!


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