Hidden Storage

I am nothing if I am not a compulsive organizer. “A place for everything and everything in its’ place” is my mantra.

I think initially the compulsion started because my family moved around a lot, and with every move came the “purging” of stuff I didn’t need. With each new “settling in” came the reorganizing. I love to rearrange and play with a layout until it’s the most organized and functional that it can be…

while still being pretty.

It’s gotta be pretty. Utilitarian plastic bins are fine, if tucked inside a closet. But if it’s going to be visible, it’s gotta look good.

So, this past summer I took on a few “make it look good” organization projects at my workplace. This is now my 2nd year as the school librarian. Year 1 was spent determining what I really needed out of what was left by the previous librarian. Then summer #1 was spent organizing, purging, and desperately trying to make the space bright, cheerful and kid-friendly.

Project #1: Hide that Storage!

I have an excellent work table that is right behind my desk. My deskchair is on a constant swivel, from computer, to workspace. But the worktable only offered exposed storage below- there weren’t any doors or drawers, just one big open shelf.

So, after toying around with what was best to do, I decided to enclose it with a curtain.

You have to know- I don’t have a sewing machine, and I don’t intend to spend hours of my life with a needle and thread in hand.

Enter this stuff from Walmart:

Stitch Witchery, Super Weight

A few summers ago, I bought 2 rolls of Stitch Witchery, for a few dollars total, and I have used it for several products! You simply:

-Unroll a stretch of the stitch witchery, which feels like scratchy lace, the length of the fabric side you want to hem.

-Lay the stitch witchery on the side of the fabric and fold fabric over it to create a straight hem line.

-Lay a damp, lightweight cloth over the hem, and iron.

Voila! A perfectly hemmed, and in my experience, very durably hemmed piece of fabric.

So I measured my table from underneath the top lip, down to the floor, and cut my fabric with 1″ allowance all the way around for hemming.

I made 2 side panels, and 1 front panel since the table is pushed against the wall in the back. I just stapled my curtain into the wooden table.

After attaching the 2 side panels:

The finished product:

Now I can easily access my stored items by just lifting one of the 3 panels, but everything is hidden from view. It’s just what I needed.

Hope it inspires you!







I’m Back!

I can explain it.

Really I can!

This chronic, lack of posting illness that has stricken me,

It’s called “school started again.”

It has left me exhausted, and as is the norm for the first week of school, sick with a cold.

And the icing on the cake? My poor baby boy, who goes to work with me, got a flu-bug (most likely also as a gift from a sick student at school…oh the joys!)

Nevertheless, we are on our way to well, and I am excited to *hopefully* begin sharing life with you again,

Starting with 2 book reviews later this evening and some “pinteresting” tips and tricks I’ve discovered lately, later on this week.

I hope you missed me. 🙂 If not, don’t tell me.

Talk to you soon!

Postage Required

Evidently if you want to have a successful blog, you must post.

Color me unsuccessful.

We have been broke. And by broke I don’t mean money-less (although at any given moment in our lives that could also apply.) Actually, the cord that plugs in our laptop was broken- so the battery died, then followed the death of the computer, the internet and the ol’ blog…

Consider this my apology. My sincerest apology.

To really win you back, here’s a cute kid picture. He did this all on his own in the library the other day. Pulled up the stool, climbed up, sat down, pulled out a book and started reading.

The librarian in me was singing for joy 🙂




For My Teacher Friends

I will definitely be labeled after this post. Some of the options I am anticipating are:




-A person who was just meant to be a teacher, because who else would try and see how many possible options can be created from trash…

 I’ll let you decide!

Here’s the deal. I have had tissues next to the bed for like 3 weeks now because I have been blowing my nose like a crazy woman…sinuses be cleared! Well, last night, I had this cup by the bed with some water in it for those late night thirst attacks:

 Just the average, run o’ the mill, plastic cup.

I reached for a kleenex, pulled it out, and noticed it was the last one in the box. Which left me with this:

Then in a classic teacher “lightbulb” moment, for whatever reason…I guess the gears just work this way in my brain…I immediately picked up my cup and stuck it straight into the opening of the kleenex box.

(A cute little box isn’t it? I believe these are the Lowe’s Foods brand of kleenex.)

And the brainstorming began…

Of course it would make an adorable pencil holder for the student’s desks. If you have your students grouped by 4’s, 4 different tissue boxes in the center of the desk grouping would be so cute and colorful. Also, the tissue boxes are much more sturdy than just a cup or pencil holder.)

-It would also make a DARLING flower pot for a Mother’s Day gift. Then the plant could be easily transferred without much mess.

-If you use tokens or some other manipulative as a reward system at each student’s desk, you could drop them easily into the cup (ie- good behavior earns tokens, count the tokens at the end of the day to work towards a specific reward.)

The ideas just kept coming!

Listen, I am not claiming to be the first person to think of this. I bet if I googled it, I could have found a million ideas similar to this one. But who thinks to google “Kleenex Box & Cup Recycling Ideas.” Not me. I’m not THAT MUCH of the teacher type 🙂 Also, I know you can buy all sorts of pretty baskets, pencil holders, and organizers. But if you’re really a teacher, you know that money is tight, and recycling things always helps!

Now if you think of some awesome way to use this, let me know! I won’t take the credit, but I may steal your idea. 🙂

Happy Thursday my Teacher Friends. Tomorrow is Friday 🙂