The other day, Elijah and I were driving along when we saw an interesting sight (interesting, that is, if you’re a toddler!) Since there were no cars behind me on the road, I stopped and let Elijah watch for a few minutes-  a luxury afforded us “country dwellers.” 🙂

There were about 25 BIG buzzard-like birds gathered on and around the side of the road. They had found the remains of a dead deer, and were feasting on it. They would pick a piece off, go off and find a place where they could be alone, then devour their catch.

Eventually, we couldn’t sit there any longer, so I began to inch ahead. All but two of the birds moved off the road. Those last two birds stayed, fighting with each other over a large chunk of meat. The piece of meat was strung between their two beaks, and they were furiously pulling, each trying to out-do the other to win that chunk of meat. The whole time oblivious to the large, capable of killing them, car that was headed their way.

A few hours later, I logged on to facebook. I happened upon a conversation between to men whom I truly believe are men of God- seeking to win others to the Lord. However, their conversation had turned ugly. They were arguing over a silly little picture that was posted to the facebook page of one of them. Their intricate theological differences had caused them to get into a full-fledged argument…over something that, let’s face it, in light of eternity and lost souls, meant NOTHING.

How guilty we are, as believers, of fighting over the scraps of this life, when the lights of eternity are shining upon us. We just simply cannot be sitting around, arguing with one another over our personal convictions, and especially putting the argument on display for the unsaved to see.

Do I think that we MUST know why we believe what we believe? Absolutely.

If we are not ready to give an answer, then we are not equipped believers.

But how many souls are at stake, watching us from the outside, on the fast track to an eternity without Christ, as we pick at and argue over scraps of dead, rotting meat?


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