The Breath of Dawn- Kristen Heitzmann

Imagine being a 20-something single girl, shunned by your family & on the run for your life from a crazed, recently released felon that YOU put behind bars. Think you would find love along that kind of ride?

Well, I just finished another fabulous book as part of the Bethany House Publishers book reviewer program, and it encompassed all of that and so much more! I couldn’t put the book down… 400+ pages in 2 days (while working, watching my son, and sacrificing sleep.)

The characters and emotions in this book were so raw and honest. Their hearts were bared open, and because of that, the book just sucked me in to their lives. Fabulous read!

Quinn Reilly. A 27 year old whose life has led her to be a touch cynical, aggressively independent, and unable to settle. She has created a world for herself, one she thinks is untraceable. She owns an anonymous online business, buys with cash, and trusts no one. All for the sake of staying away from him.

Markham Wilder. A con man par excellence. Raised in a hellish home, he was taught to steal, deceive & kill at an early age. He thought he had mastered it when he found a “pathetic” religious community just waiting for a dynamic shepherd to lead them. He led them alright- led them to deposit their life’s savings into his personal account. Everything was going so smoothly until Quinn. Nosy Quinn. She turned him in & now that he’s out, he’ll make her pay. 

The Spencers. The willingness of this family to help others sucks Quinn in like a vortex. It’s so night and day opposite from the way her own family treated her & she fights the desire to be a part of this life. But she can’t stick around here- she’d be endangering this great family! Markham would know… he’ll take out anyone between himself and her.

Morgan. The oldest Spencer brother. Widowed, single father, business mogul, quite sure he’s not interested in love yet… or is he? This spitfire of a woman, Quinn, is intriguing to him. She is independent, and doesn’t necessarily need him, which draws him all the more to her.

Will Quinn be able to escape Markham once and for all? Will Markham get revenge or redemption? Will Morgan be able to bear the baggage that Quinn brings to the table?

Read it and find out!

(Psst! Don’t forget that this book is provided to me for free by Bethany House Publishers, but the opinions are really mine. Nobody made me love it… I just did!)


One comment on “The Breath of Dawn- Kristen Heitzmann

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    I want to take that book on my summer vacation!! 🙂 Sounds so good!

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