Quick Fall Updates

It’s in the air & I couldn’t be more thrilled. Fall.
Mmm… oranges & reds, pumpkins, wool socks, scarves and snuggling.

Yep. It’s pretty awesome.

So, I didn’t feel it was fair for only the outdoors to celebrate Fall. The indoors needed some excitement too. Hence a few seasonal house swaps… free ones too! ūüôā

The table needed a new centerpiece. I had a leftover canvas in my laundry room, some Halloween ribbon I purchased several years ago & a printable pumpkin monogram pattern from here that I pinned on Pinterest. After I printed this one, I decided I liked the look of the single “S” better than N, H, S. So I eliminated the first name initials.


I just used some tape to tape the monogram paper to my canvas (so I can remove it later and reuse my canvas.) After taping the paper down, I used my low-temp glue gun to cover up the taped edges with my festive ribbon. I am rather fond of my free update!


Then the chalkboard got some seasonal love. Last night I was getting rather frustrated with my lack of freehand artistic abilities. I had fiddled with the chalkboard but couldn’t land on anything I liked. So I went to bed…and woke up to this.


What a sweet man I have, right? He even swagged the leaves all on his own. I think I am “falling” for him all over again… Ok, too corny? ūüôā

The front door got some attention:


And my favorite spot in the house- my new dresser-turned-console got some sprucing. I love the warm coziness of it all!


It isn’t much, but my goal this year was to spend no money, but still feel like Fall had arrived. And I feel successful.

How are you prepping your houses for Fall? Any good freebie ideas I can steal from you? ūüôā


God With Us

Oh come all ye faithful,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

Silent night! Holy night! Shepherds quake at the sight,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

Noel, Noel, Born is the King of Israel,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

Away in a manger, the little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

He appeared and the soul felt its worth,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

God sent us salvation that blessed Christmas morn,
Emmanuel, God is with us!

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours. The night all the world stood by unaware that the Savior of ALL mankind was making His entrance into the world. As a baby. The Son of God Himself, humbled, born in a manger…¬†Born to die¬†on a cross.

For me. For you. For all who will accept the gift of Christmas.

The Gift of Christ. 

17,520 Hours

730 wonderful days…

104 crazy weeks…

24 memory filled months…

That’s how long it’s been since this day:

I can’t even believe it. My heart still swells with love every time I see that picture. Every time I think of the first moment the nurses laid that 10 pound, 6 oz. bundle on my chest. As long as I live, I will never forget it- holding that boy who had been inside of my very self for 10 months. I had talked to him, sung to him, played “find that kicking foot” with him, but never had I held him in my arms.

Never had I snuggled him against my face, and nuzzled into his soft little rolls… until that day.

And every day since, I have tried to nuzzle into the face of that sweet boy. Again and again. There will never be enough nuzzling.

I am so thankful for the 2 years that God has given me to snuggle and love on that precious boy. I pray for many, many more.

Happy Birthday, my sweet two year old.

Mommy loves you more than life itself!


Miss Char


There is a baby girl who will forever hold a special place in my heart. The first time I held her, I literally trembled with fear, because I was five days away from delivering a baby of my own.

She was beautiful, perfectly precious in every way. I admired her sweet little fingers, wondering what the fingers of my own little man would be like. I held her as she cried, and was terrified at the thought of not being able to quiet the cries of my own child.

She is probably the niece/nephew who got the least of my time, as I adjusted to having a baby of my own. But I assure you, she didn’t get the least of my love.

She is turning out to be quite the bubbly, sweet personality, and I am so thankful that my sweet E will always share his birthday week with such a special cousin…

And that I will forever have the memory of holding that little girl, for the first time, etched in my mind.

I love you so much Miss Charlotte Hope!

Photo: Happy second birthday to this chick! We love you Charlie Bear!


Aunt Heidi

(and cousin E says he loves you too! Even if you did try to eat his head at 3 weeks old:) )

1 Year old Cousins after Bathtime

Do Zebras Paint Their Toenails?

If this is your first time visiting here today, check out this post, then come back.

Are you back?

Ok good- so now you know about my whole Mod Podge DIY experiment. I love a good success story ūüôā

Well, I didn’t just make Mod Podge for the fun of it- I had a project in mind. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen these “spice rack turned nail polish organizers” floating around on Pinterest (the one pictured is from here):

Pinned Image

Well, my sister-in-law, who turned 17 this month, had been eyeballing that shelf on Pinterest. She has quite the nail polish collection, and loved the idea of displaying it in her room.¬† So way back in July, when I found out that she liked it, and if she had one, she’d like it¬†to be¬†purple, I went into birthday gift stealth mode.

I was determined.

I scoured thrift stores, craigslist, online, etc. looking for a shelf with similar lines to the shelf pictured above, which¬†was¬†previously used to hold spices. I couldn’t find one. I found lots of different types of spice racks, but none that I really liked the lines of.

Then one day, I found this shelf at Goodwill:

(My apologies for the terrible camera phone shots in this post…I forgot to take “real pictures” as I went.)

It’s not the same as the inspiration shelf, I know, but it matches the lines of some of my sister-in-law’s other bedroom decor, so I took a major leap of faith (I mean, look at that thing!) and bought it. Ok, so to be honest, it wasn’t necessarily a major leap of faith… it only cost $3.99- gotta love Goodwill!

It was very dirty, and required¬†a good cleaning, some¬†removal of old nails/hardware, and¬†some¬†sanding. After those steps,¬†I pried the backing off, which¬†was a piece of plywood, and by “I,” I mean my husband pried that off.

Using my DIY’ed¬†decoupage, I adhered zebra print scrapbook paper to the plywood. I got the paper from Hobby Lobby for $2 total.

The steps are simple: Decoupage on wood, stick paper onto decoupage, allow to dry, decoupage over top, allow to¬†dry. Here’s a shot of the shelf with the changes to the backing:

After changing the back, to personalize it to match her zebra themed bedroom, as well as make it more fun, it was on to paint! And purple it was. The purple paint was purchased for $0.57 at WalMart- it is just a small bottle of craft paint.

I love it! And the best part is that my sister-in-law loves it too!¬†It’s a one-of-a-kind piece, and she didn’t waste any time getting it set up in her room. Here it is all decked out ūüôā

Not sure if I’m allowed to say this in blogworld or not, but…. I think I even like mine better than the Pinspiration piece! Shh, don’t tell ūüôā

Shelf- $3.99

Paper- $2

Paint- $0.57

Decoupage- $1

Total Cost: $7.56

Not too shabby, eh?

Happy Birthday, America!

In honor of the birth of our country, I have decided it’s only fitting that we have a party. And I have no idea where this idea of a cook-out came from…

Chips, Hamburgers, Canned Drinks?


America is a “she.”¬†That party scenario is totally “male.”

Here’s what I would do:

A nice little Americana Insired Mani for the party

Something festive to welcome the guests in


Thirsty? Have some strawberry water!


Every birthday girl deserves a gift– and what’s better than one that can reside on my wall?

Pinned Image

And of course, some yummy goodies for the party (to place on your beautiful table, pictured below!)

Room to Inspire’s “Red Vines” wrapped in Stars & Stripes

Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzels in Red, White ¬†& Blue


Giggles Galore’s Fruit Kabobs for something on the healthier side

Also from Giggles Galore, a¬†little piece of cake for everyone, the birthday girl isn’t selfish after all!

A Centerpiece that is so clean and elegant

Blue Glassware Centerpiece

At least, that’s what I think America would like for her party. Who do I think her guests would be?

The Founding Fathers who founded this nation as being “Under God,”

The Service men & women who have and are still fighting to keep it free,

And those of us who truly do Love this Land.

Happy Birthday, America!

This Man

Well, after paying tribute to my father, I’m just bursting at the seams to be able to tell you about another man!

I haven’t known him, as a father, for long, but I must say…I’m impressed.¬†

I have known this man for nearly 7 years as a best friend.

Dating Days- Who are those kids?

Just shy of 5 years as a husband,

Wedding Day- Relief!

And approaching 2 years as a father.

Proud Daddy

And I couldn’t think of a better man in the world to fill the role of Father to my child(ren.) (Hopefully! ūüôā )

He is strong, yet gentle.

Patient, yet not lax.

Fun-loving, yet, at the right time, serious.

He is a leader, a lover, and a proud, proud Father,

And he’s my husband & Elijah’s Pop-Pop.

And I am ever so thankful for him.