I just finished one of the best books I have read in a while. Want to know what it was?









I had never heard of Dani Pettrey, but as another of Dani’s new fans said on her website, “I just cannot keep finding new favorite authors…”

I feel that way! This opportunity to review books for Bethany House Publishers is a blessing and a curse… I loooove the privilege of reading all of these books, but I am falling in love with so many new authors/series, and now I have to wait for the next book to come out! It’s a hard life. 🙂

In Submerged, a plane crash into cold Alaskan waters sets the stage for an action packed romantic suspense novel.

Bailey Craig, after learning of a plane crash that has claimed the life of her nearest and dearest relative, is forced to go “home” to Yancey, Alaska. Home…home to memories, home to judgments, home to the inevitable gossip and snickerings of old flames and “friends” who know nothing of her new life in Christ- only of her past life. A life marred by partying, drunken stupors, mornings filled with regret, and the terrible way she treated her one love.

Despite the painful memory of how Bailey began to ignore him, Cole McKenna is excited to see her come come. His new Adventure business is taking off in their tourist city, and he can’t wait to show Bailey that he is a new creation in Christ as well. But love? He’s not that dumb. Opening himself up to loving Bailey, only to be rejected again? Not this time.

Somewhere along the way however, strange things begin to happen in Yancey. Dead bodies are being found, break-ins are happening, and more. It’s up to Bailey to crack the code. Before it’s too late.

I’m telling you- you must read this book.

There are many, many characters who are all very well-developed.

The seamless weaving of a romance along with a believable suspenseful, murder case was impressive.

The best part? It’s the first in a series- with the second book, “Shattered,” being released in February (I think!)

In short, I don’t think that I have a single negative thing to say about this book. I loved the characters, loved the storyline, loved everything but the fact that it only took me 36 hours to read. I wanted it to last longer.

If you read it, let me know how you like it!

(Just a reminder, I did receive this book for free as part of the reviewer program, but the opinions stated are all mine. I honestly loved it!)



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