A few days ago, I posted on facebook about an irrational fear of mine…

I let my guard down,

I wasn’t too embarrassed to be honest,

I trusted you all ūüôā

And you didn’t disappoint!

I admitted to being afraid to use the restroom before checking the toilet for baby alligators. I know that there are other, potentially more logical things, like spiders or snakes, that could be living in my toilet bowl.

But those aren’t the things I think of when I walk into the dark bathroom…


I can be dancing around in circles, having to go so badly, but I will STILL check the toilet bowl.

Because, I tell you, there could very easily be a baby alligator lurking in those waters. A hungry one…and¬†we both know where that leads. Ouch!

So, here’s my SOS:

Where did this fear come from? I feel like I vaguely remember a movie or news story or something from my childhood that could somehow justify this fear. Like a city had a problem with alligators in the sewer system or something?

Please tell me you’ve heard of this.

I mean, not that it’s really going to help per se, because it will only make me check the toilet more vigorously… but at least it would help me not feel so weird!

So tell me- what do you check the bowl for? Be honest! Some friends said they check for spiders & snakes- but there must be some more irrational toilet bowl fears out there! Or is there really a root to this alligator fear of mine?

Can you tell I really want someone to empathize with me?

Help a sista’ out!

Goodnight, that’s all ūüôā


Pins & Friends to the Rescue!

I have found that if I have Pinterest and a few good friends, I can make it through just about anything :).

Maybe I should reverse that for priorities’ sake… friends, THEN Pinterest.

I spent a few years of my life at a Christian school a few hours from here- a school very near and dear to my heart. At that school, we had bake sales often. And inevitably, if they wanted to be successful, whoever was hosting the bake sale had pizza for sale. Pizza from Pizza Inn.

Not JUST pizza though- as in pepperoni, bacon, cheese, sauce…

Dessert Pizza.

Oh yes.

And this famed dessert pizza was not fruity, cinnamony, or glaze-y.

It was chocolate-y. Duh. It is called “dessert pizza,” and I have spent 24+ years trying to convince people that¬†dessert=chocolate.

Well, my Dad, bless his soul, he really does love me, but he moved me away from that school, and thus away from that dessert pizza. I mourned the loss of my friends and that dessert pizza (see there? I got the priorities in the right order that time! booyah!)

Several years later, after a failed attempt or two to re-create this¬†dessert at home, I began scouring the internet¬†for a Pizza Inn nearby. According to the internet, there was a Pizza Inn located about 30 minutes from our home. According to the dessert pizza at said¬†“Pizza Inn,” there was some sort of mistake. Fail.

Then, I realized that there was a Pizza Inn on our way to our beach condo. It looked like the Pizza Inn I remembered, the regular pizza was a dead-ringer, and the dessert pizza was gross. Fail.

I had given up hope.

<Enter a dear, dear friend & Pinterest.>

My sweet friend Anna heard my cry…literally. I was whining to a friend on facebook talking about how I SO missed this dessert, and she pointed me to a recipe on her Pinterest page that she said was a close match.

Well, she was right! It may be that I haven’t had the “real deal” in years, but I honestly think that this version tastes JUST like my memory of this delicious pizzert.

So, I figured I should document it. In thanks to both Anna & Pinterest.

They both came to my rescue on this one.

Years of cravings resolved.


Mock Pizza Inn Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza 

1 – 9 oz. Jiffy Brand Yellow Cake Mix

The Cake Mix to Look For

1 Stick of Butter 

1 – Pillsbury Thin Pizza Crust

Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 400¬į. Grease a small round pizza pan. Melt stick of¬†butter.¬†Add cake mix to butter, and stir until well mixed.¬†Spread pizza crust out onto¬†pan. Pour topping over crust, and sprinkle with chocolate chips (Just determine the amount to your liking.) Bake¬†for 11-14 minutes until lightly golden brown.

*I pressed the rectangular crust onto my round pan, but this caused the crust to be slightly more thick than I like. Next time, I will just make my pizza on a rectangular pan.*  

Baking Away!

Oh. Yes. Please.

Is it Politicking- Or Just Plain Ticking People Off?

I despise politics- or I suppose what I mean is that I hate the mudslinging and degradation of human beings that comes under the guise of politics.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about politics. We had somewhat different views, as is typical of just about any two people who¬†talk “politics.”

We were discussing the “mainstream” media, and how it just seems, to us, to be biased, and often missing information that seems relevant or important.

Then it hit me.

“Go against the flow.”

The phrase “go¬†against the flow” is directly contradictory to the term “mainstream.”


As a believer, we are called to be different. We are called to do what is right, regardless of what others are doing. We are called to represent our Lord in every aspect of our lives.

We were never called to be “mainstream.” Christ never instructed his disciples to do their best to appeal to the masses, to appease the crowds, or to make everyone happy.

Truth, God’s Word is divisive- like a double-edged sword to be exact (Heb. 4:12.) If we believe truth, and desire to see truth lived by, our beliefs and opinions are going to be divisive.

Our opinions will more than likely NOT be mainstream.

The candidate who appeals to the masses, understanding that our masses are not usually God-fearing, most likely ought not appeal to me.

It is OK, even desirable, to not be mainstream.

Have beliefs, know the reason for your beliefs, and don’t be afraid to stand for your beliefs, even if your beliefs oppose the crowd.

But speak in love,

Act in love,

Persuade with love,

Do all things in love.

And by the way, love is not weak.

Can you even imagine a campaign where only truth was spoken, and the speaking of said truth was done in love- with a sincere desire to show people the truth of the situation, without demoralizing or degrading a fellow candidate? Phew…mind boggling.


Alright you closet fans…

My blog averages between 45 & 63 views per post, with my high days hitting around 130 hits. 

I have 13 bona fide “followers” actually signed up to receive the posts by email.

The math is off somewhere. ūüôā

If you do read each post, I’d be honored if you would “follow” the blog. Sometimes, I think I’m gonna go crazy wondering who’s reading each post, and disagreeing with everything I say, because if someone reads¬†it, yet doesn’t want¬†me to KNOW they read it, they must not like what they read, or maybe they don’t like me, or…

See where this goes?

It’s not healthy ūüôā

Seriously, it’s awesome to know who’s reading. I have several followers that I’ve never met before…makes me wonder what drew them to my little blog.

The internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it? I’d love to know to whom I am writing. But only follow if you REALLY want to get these posts by email, because lemme tell you, you will receive some mindless banter at times ūüôā

So…if you don’t mind, come out of the closet.

No, not like that.

You knew what I meant.

Honor my shameless begging…please…

<Awkward silence>


Answered Prayer

My God is mighty. He answers prayers.

“Children of God, sing your song & rejoice

For the love that He has given us all.”

I have mentioned, more than once, in different posts here on the ol’ blog, a friend who was struggling to conceive. It had been a year and eight months, many ups and downs, disappointments, dashed hopes, and tears.

Well, I recently received a call.

The call.

She is expecting! I love her dearly, and I love that little baby already. Our prayers are now turned towards a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby.

All of this baby-talk has given me “baby fever.”

No, not that baby fever! I’m not thinking of another baby yet, but it has made me reminisce about the days when my toddling, running, jumping, food devouring, chattering boy was a baby.¬† A tiny palm-sized baby fluttering around in my tummy, and a newborn baby lying asleep on my chest.

I wrote the following when I was 39 weeks pregnant (which, for all you people out there is almost TEN months of pregnancy… people always tell you “9 months of pregnancy…” – no, it’s not 9 months at all. do the math! ūüôā )

I was SO ready to see my baby boy, and exactly one week later, due to the fact that the doctor believed our baby was very big, we were induced, and the following day, I met the most precious 10 lbs. & 6 oz. little man I could have ever imagined.

And my, oh my, was he ever happy to be here ūüôā

Most, if not all, of you faithful readers were around the 1st time I wrote this, but please allow me to indulge this baby fever of mine… This indulgence is much easier than the real deal.

My First 39 Weeks as a Mommy-To-Be

I think that every little girl, at some point, dreams of being a mommy. Without a doubt, I must say, I was¬†no exception to that rule! Growing up, everything from Barbies to little sisters¬†was called upon to¬†play my “children,” as¬†I practiced for what would undoubtedly be my greatest future role. Well,¬†now it’s almost time to see if all my¬†“practicing”¬†will pay off, and, as I am sure any mother would say, I have learned that already, things aren’t quite the same when you go from “practicing” to “the real McCoy!” Lots of the glamour fades, but is definitely replaced with more love than was ever imagineable. So, here are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned in my first 39 weeks as a Mommy-to-Be…

1. Never would I ever want to go through this without my Husband- I thank God for His plan for our family.

2. Ways I’d planned to one day tell my husband¬†the news¬†vanished with¬†my “positive” test- he got sweaty palms and a shaky voice instead¬†

3. The food that is AWESOME today will DISGUST me tomorrow

4. Crocs¬†became my¬†backs’ best friends – until the day that my feet became so swollen that the Crocs¬†left¬†dotted imprints in the swelling¬†

5. Whenever the doctor says “You’ll feel a LITTLE pressure now,” she’s lying! There’s nothing little about it…

6. There are only 2 people whose driving will not nauseate me: Mine and Nathan’s- thankfully he’s included in the short list!

7. Every baby store, outfit and toy will CALL TO ME, trying to convince me that my baby NEEDS it all!

8. Those with awesome birth stories will seldom share, but those with terrible ones are so graciously forthcoming with details

9. Bedtime will get earlier and earlier, but to no avail because I will only be able to sleep a few hours at a time anyway

10. One day I am overwhelmingly confident that I am ready for this whole thing – the next night I will cry myself to sleep with uncertainty

11. Irrational crying not only becomes very rational, but a regular occurrence

¬†Last but not least, I have to say that this baby, whose face I’ve never actually seen, is so very worth it all!¬† I cannot wait to meet my son!

There will undoubtedly be many funny stories, frustrations, sleepless nights and fun-filled days to come. The weeks following weeks 1-39 are sure to be full of excitement, so stay tuned! ūüôā

Why yes, little one, you were worth the wait.

My Sweet Ride

I just found this post, drafted from last summer, but never published. I thought it was funny.¬†Life’s ironies kind of funny. ¬†Funny in a “phew, I’m glad that day is over” kind of way.¬† Thought I’d share it with you now.

No- this is not a wanna-be-teenager post about a new car.

This is a post about my day. My crazy day that ended in a sweet ride home- ok, so sweet isn’t exactly the right word unless you’re me & you tend to use a perpetual bit of sarcasm when you speak- then it works. But read on- you’ll see..

We were at the lake. Yesterday was yummy lunch, relaxing swimming, delicious dinner & a fabulous late night dessert. Our bed was comfy & Baby E was sleeping soundly in his pack-n-play in the corner of the room.

Enter 5:15 AM- aka “Beginning of¬†Crazy Day”

Baby E woke up at 5:15 AM as he typically does, ate & closed his eyes like he was going back to sleep, as he typically does.¬†Right… He was just yanking the ol’ chain…He never went back to sleep. Ok, we can jump that hurdle. Moving right along- with tired, burning eyes.

We were supposed to take the boat to get breakfast around 8 AM, so at about 7:45 ( a sweet 2 1/2 hours after we woke up,) we meandered outside of our room. No one else was out and about yet, so we just walked down to the dock to swing for a few minutes. We noticed it was starting to sprinkle- kink in the plans #2- no breakfast boat trip due to inclement weather.

As we were swinging, the hubs proclaims that he needs to go back up to the house because his stomach is hurting. Hurting as in- diarrhea- as in, I can’t get up off the throne diarrhea. Kink in the plans #3. I guess the Lord knew we didn’t need to be out on a boat in the middle of a lake after all…

Well, we were at the lake, with best friends, and I was determined to have a good time, so Elijah and I went back out to the porch. We watched TV, hung out with our friends, ate some yummy leftovers and had a nice time. Every now and then, Nathan stuck his head in to say hey, trying to be friendly- only to promptly revert to the loo.

Well, at about 2 in the afternoon, after E wouldn’t even take a nap, I heard a noise.

A loud, fateful noise.


It wasn’t a cat with a furball either. It was Nathan.

Kink in the Plans #4.

I immediately went to my friend and told her we were leaving. I am a self-proclaimed germophobe, and I am not going to subject other people to some flu bug when they have been so kind as to share their home with my family.

So I quickly packed my stuff, Nathan’s, and E’s stuff by myself. I took the sheets off the bed, gathered the¬†towels, and did whatever I could to minimize the contact our friends would have to make with our germs.

But they¬†didn’t care. They helped us¬†pack the car, watched Elijah while I worked, and even moved the car for me since I was afraid to back up. They were wonderful- and I left in tears.

About 10 minutes down the road, I stopped and bought some Pepto Bismol for Nathan. He, against his will, drank some and fell asleep with a vomit bowl in his hands. After fighting sleep for about 36 hours, Elijah slept the whole way home.

As for me? I spent the ride home in blissful silence. I chose the music I wanted to choose, I snacked on some cookies, and I thought about the wonderful friends we have.

Friends who not only wanted to be with us when things were peachy, but helped me out in the tough times. True friends.

I guess the ride home really was sweet.

(In an ironic sort of way ūüôā )

Isn’t it Ironic?

Remember the old Alanis Morisette song “Ironic?” I never listened to her music, in fact the whiny sound of her voice grates on my nerves, and her lyrics/choice of language isn’t my preference. I never owned her CD, and wouldn’t endorse her, but for whatever reason… I have had that song stuck in my head today. Not the whole song, because I don’t know the whole song… just a few lines.

It’s like rain on your wedding day,

It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid,

It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take.

It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late.

It’s 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

Who would’ve thought? It figures…

Well, it rained on our wedding day, and we’re doing alright. My advice would be to ask if you can take a rain check on the free ride… We live somewhere where traffic jams are basically non-existent (unless cows on the road count,)¬†try using the other end of your spoon as a knife- it works surprisingly well, and yeah… life’s like that. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, rest assured that¬†there’s a “who would’ve thought?” moment heading your way!

In our house, there is a lot of Weird Al-ishness going on. We always take songs and change the words for whatever situation we are dealing with at the time. So, in honor of my husband and son, here are some of the lines from my version:

“Ironic” Through the Eyes of a¬†Mom & Home-maker

It’s like¬†ten 1/4th cup measuring cups when all you need is a 1/3.

It’s like a diaper bag with snacks, wipes, cream, milk, etc. when all you need is a diaper.

It’s like getting completely dressed for church and being vomited on just as you walk out the door.

It’s like cooking dinner for your husband, and finding out he’s not hungry when he gets home.

It’s like cooking your toddler’s favorite dinner only to find out he doesn’t like it today.

Isn’t life ironic? Isn’t it crazy beautiful?

Sometimes you just have to laugh…or alter the recipe, change clothes, tie a cloth around your kids’ bum, put supper in a tupperware in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, and just keep truckin’.

I’d love to hear some “ironic” lines from your perspective- leave me a comment or two ūüôā

Have a wonderfully ironic Wednesday, friends!