Nothing to Hide

I read a book.

I didn’t like it.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

I will tell you more about it though…

My most recent review for Bethany House Publishers (a cool program where they send me a book, I review it online, then get to keep the book! The opinions are totally mine though) was a homicide mystery case.

I chose it in an effort to branch out & potentially overcome my inablity to read mysteries at night…in the dark. I was unsuccessful.

One decapitated corpse, with skinned pointing fingers later, and I am still just as scared as I was before.

I must say, the story line was good. Roland March is a detective, getting older, fighting to maintain a place of respect and integrity in the force. When the aforementioned case is brought up, March begins to dig. What he finds disturbs him because he is asked by the FBI to cover up details of the case. In playing along with the cover-up, more questions arise. People he once thought could be trusted are beginning to appear suspicious. He finds himself delving deeper and deeper into a very dark, dangerous conspiracy.

Like I said- good story line.

Now why would it drive me crazy?

The whole entire novel was written in 1st person! I love first person poetry, prose, short journalism, etc….but not an entire novel! It felt, to me, to be very choppy, partly because of the vast overusage of 1st person, but also because, scattered throughout the book are random flashbacks into March’s past- used to help clarify and enrich his character.

I understand that I am one reviewer of many, and I don’t want to dismiss this author. He took on quite a task in making a christian fiction murder, and he did create an excellent homicide setting & resolution. The main character is a very transparent, flawed, seeking-to-do-right character, both inviting and down-to-earth.

It just wasn’t my taste.

Read it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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