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Sad, but True

I usually try to space these posts out, but when I see something that’s this sad, but true, I just have to post. And seeing as how we are in the middle of finding a new church, I must say that I understand that there are God-led reasons for switching, even from good churches. That being said, it is a command to be a part of a local body of believers, and to be faithful to it, as much as you can be- not only when it is convenient. Seems to be awfully overlooked these days.

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Sad, but True

The latest “sad, but true” is finally here! I know you’ve been waiting 🙂

This is so very true, and so very, very sad! Imagine the difference in our culture if keeping pure until marriage was the “norm!” No more daycares in high schools, no more STD epidemics, more emotionally stable people, and more babies with secure homes…just to name a few!

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