Over the Edge

Have you noticed the movie/TV trend of accident-induced amnesia recently? “The Vow,” “Grimm,” something else I can’t remember… (no I didn’t have an accident.)

Yeah, I’m all over that trend. I laugh, I cry, I ask my husband “Can you even imagine that???” like 1,000 times, then I cry again.

Anyway, it has now permeated the book realm- which I guess technically is where it started- so I guess it’s taken back the book realm.

My latest book review was titled Over the Edge written by Mary Connealy.

Seth Kincaid was a soldier injured in the Civil War. While injured, he met a nurse. A beautiful, mesmerizing nurse, whose unorthodox nursing methods seemed to help him heal more quickly. Kissing the patients can’t hurt, right? On a whim, Seth proposes to Callie, marries her after 2 weeks, and leaves the army hospital with her.

A few days later, he leaves her. Just walks away.

Callie is heartbroken. Chiding herself for so hastily marrying a stranger, she begins to realize that she is pregnant. With his child. Scared and alone, she goes home to her judgmental father who is none too proud of his daughter’s choices.

Through a series of unexpected events, Callie finds herself alone…again…only this time, she has a child to tend to. The sharp-witted, fightin’ spirit inside of her decides to do something about it. She’ll find that Seth Kincaid and kill him if she has to- her child will get the inheritance he deserves.

Little does Callie know that when she finds Seth Kincaid, she will have to meet him all over again.

Seth remembers everything…except getting married.

When I first saw the cover of this book, I almost didn’t choose it. It looked cheesy. Her stance was just too sassy, his grin looked fake, the script screamed “western” in an all-too-obvious way…basically everything just turned me away. That being said, the synopsis of the book sounded good- so just like that, I was sucked back in to the amnesia cycle.

I am so glad I gave in! I loved this book. The characters were feisty and real, there was plenty of romance as the characters “refound” a marriage, and there was a little bit of danger/mystery as well.

Connealy did an excellent job of portraying the feelings of betrayal on the part of Callie, as well as Seth’s complete confusion, yet desire to rebuild his family.

As usual, I loved the setting- post Civil War America, the western frontier, etc.

All in all, a great read. Best part? It’s book #3 in a series about the Kincaid brothers. I’ll let you know how I like the first two… 🙂

Check out the Book Video Trailer on YouTube

PS- As is the case with all of my Bethany House Publisher reviews, the book was provided to me for free by Bethany House Publishers, but the opinions are ALL mine. You can’t buy this stuff, folks! 🙂



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