Quick Fall Updates

It’s in the air & I couldn’t be more thrilled. Fall.
Mmm… oranges & reds, pumpkins, wool socks, scarves and snuggling.

Yep. It’s pretty awesome.

So, I didn’t feel it was fair for only the outdoors to celebrate Fall. The indoors needed some excitement too. Hence a few seasonal house swaps… free ones too! 🙂

The table needed a new centerpiece. I had a leftover canvas in my laundry room, some Halloween ribbon I purchased several years ago & a printable pumpkin monogram pattern from here that I pinned on Pinterest. After I printed this one, I decided I liked the look of the single “S” better than N, H, S. So I eliminated the first name initials.


I just used some tape to tape the monogram paper to my canvas (so I can remove it later and reuse my canvas.) After taping the paper down, I used my low-temp glue gun to cover up the taped edges with my festive ribbon. I am rather fond of my free update!


Then the chalkboard got some seasonal love. Last night I was getting rather frustrated with my lack of freehand artistic abilities. I had fiddled with the chalkboard but couldn’t land on anything I liked. So I went to bed…and woke up to this.


What a sweet man I have, right? He even swagged the leaves all on his own. I think I am “falling” for him all over again… Ok, too corny? 🙂

The front door got some attention:


And my favorite spot in the house- my new dresser-turned-console got some sprucing. I love the warm coziness of it all!


It isn’t much, but my goal this year was to spend no money, but still feel like Fall had arrived. And I feel successful.

How are you prepping your houses for Fall? Any good freebie ideas I can steal from you? 🙂


Quick Spring Update


Spring has sprung and it has been glorious! We have weeded and re-mulched our plant beds, mowed the lawn, put out a new, beautiful garden flag & just basked in the sunshine as much as possible recently.

So, as I was out in the yard, making it look as good as possible, you can imagine my horror when I noticed this birdfeeder hanging in our tree:


It was cute enough- in a 4 year old, grungy, cedar, greened, sort of way. But it didn’t “pop” anymore. And Spring is ALL about the pop. Right?

So, I decided to paint it. I must thank Pinterest for this. While I didn’t actually see any inspiration of painted re-furbed birdfeeders on Pinterest, I owe my newfound desire to make something old, new again, to Pinterest.

A few hours of paint and drying time later, and I now have this beauty hanging in my tree. The birds are loving it, almost as much as I am!