Late Night With Roy

We had a mighty fun night last night!
Since we first started dating, Nathan & I have tried every October to go to Late Night With Roy (fun opening of the UNC basketball season.) Here we were back in 2006!


Well last night was especially fun (and stressful ūüôā ) because we took Elijah for his first Late Night experience. Here he is outside the Smith Center!


He LOVED it. The sights, the sounds, the souvenirs! It was an action packed evening for my little Tar Heel.





But the BEST part for little man? Meeting “Yamsees” of course! He got to meet Rameses the Ram and he’s pretty enamored!


The night was so much fun! We’re so in love with experiencing life through his little eyes!

But now we have a problem. Elijah has a big question.
“Where was Teddy, Mama?”

You see, Elijah has three UNC toys he especially loves.
1)A singing Rameses head that was his Daddy’s when he was a kid.
2) A teddy bear wearing a UNC sweatshirt that he got from his Aunt
3) And Rameses that he got on his first visit to Chapel Hill when he was 6 weeks old.


Well he’s very perplexed now. He met “Big Yamsees.”
And he said that he understands why little Rameses wasn’t there last night. ” Because he doesn’t have feet.”
Elijah officially thinks Teddy is a UNC mascot too.
He eventually decided that Teddy was probably “In da back someyare. Ye’ll see him next time.”

I sure hope so, Buddy! ūüôā



Bracket-less. Phew!

Nathan and I fill out brackets every year, and we compete to see whose bracket is better. Every year, except one maybe, that we’ve been together, mine has won.¬†What can I say? I’m a natural¬†ūüėČ (He would want me to make a disclaimer: this is only counting the ONE bracket that he makes to compete with me…not the ten others that he submits to ESPN, keeps laying around for comparison, or fills out “just for fun” for himself. Seriously. I’m not kidding.)

Well, this year we had SO much¬†going on this past week that we looked at each other and said, “Let’s just not¬†do brackets this year.” Yeah, I was that tired and lazy…too lazy to pick up a pencil and write a few team names. Pathetic.

Boy am I glad.

Because bracketologists, both professional and you people at home with highlighters, are dumbfounded, speechless, shocked…you get¬†the point. Brackets are burnt, and some hopeful Cinderellas are trying on their slippers.

I think it was meant to be. Because the competitors in us both would have been going ca-razy!

Crazy March.

And my day has been just as crazy. Everything that could change or disrupt my plans pretty much did… So here’s hoping tomorrow has some level of stability. For my sake or the sake of the NCAA.

For the love of basketball!

(too much? ok. I’m done.)


March Madness. Makes me mad.

I love my son very much. I could kiss his little toes every second of every day. I just sit and watch him with a smile on my face. I would do anything to keep him safe.

You know how when you chop garlic, the next day it literally “eeks” out of your pores, and all day long you smell like a garlic clove?

The love I have for Elijah literally eeks out of me. I try not to, but I feel like at any given moment, I can just gush on and on about him. 

He means that much to me.

However, the love that I have¬†for him doesn’t cause me to bash other children. I don’t get on facebook to see pictures of my friends’ children so I can say how ugly they are, and how they can never compare to MY son. I don’t sit around all day and fume¬†when things go right for my friends’ children.¬†If another baby begins to¬†speak before Elijah, I don’t go on an angry tirade over how much I HATE that child for being successful.

<Enter College Basketball>

It’s March, folks.

Have a little class.

Be a fan. LOVE your team. Cheer with all of your might FOR your team.

But get a grip. Being a fan of my team, much like my being a fan of my child, does not entitle me to bash, demean, or otherwise minimize the accomplishments of another team.

In this¬†house, we love the UNC Tarheels. I mean like, we are flag-waving, stop-everything-and-watch-the-game fans (we may or may not have scheduled a¬†certain person’s naptime around a game today… don’t judge.)

My husband is the fan of fans for UNC. He knows more about those ball players, and that program than may be healthy. He is a model fan. And although his blood boils at the sight of another certain shade of blue, you will NEVER, I mean NEVER, see him walk up to a fan of that shade of blue and shove their noses into a loss.

That is NOT classy.

If your team does well throughout this Madness known as March, then congratulations. Win with class.

If your team does poorly, I am sorry. That’s a risk you take as a fan. Lose with class.¬†¬†And leave everyone else’s teams out of it.

Because trust me, we aren’t judging your “fan-hood” by the amount of nasty comments you can make about other teams.