Secret Project

I am working on something… and this is what it looked like when I got it:


The green was super cute in the previous owner’s home but didn’t really jive with mine, so here’s where we are now:



I am dyyyyying to put it all back together again with some pretty teal knobs & style it up so I can show it off!

Whaddya think??

PS: I had to prime/paint even the insides of the drawers because this poor dresser had lived near a kerosene heater in a past life…. odor blocking primer coat #2 or #3 (lost count) and I think we’re good!

PSS: Primer coats 2 &3 also left their mark on my nose hairs. I thought you might like a shot of that too 😉


Yep. Not my most flattering angle.

Come back next week for the reveal! 🙂


I did it… or should I say “dyed” it :)


I mentioned way back when that my next living room redo was going to be a curtain change.

Well, I dyed those suckers 🙂

$5 of teal dye later…basically new curtains. I am pleased with the result.

Wall update is next!

The Icecutter’s Daughter


Yeah, I’d never heard of it either.

Apparently, people used to pull horse-drawn buggies out onto frozen lakes and harvest ice blocks to sell. Interesting…

Not really the job for me- what with the high risk of sinking into a dark, frozen lake and freezing to death. No thanks.

Anyway, the land of “Minnesotan” ice-cutting does make for a great novel setting 🙂

Merrill Krause: Daughter to a fiercely protective, hard-working father & deceased mother,

Sister to several brothers who feel duty-bound to protect her,

Lover of the arts and creativity, tied to the sludge of farm-life and ice-cutting.

Rurik Jorgensen: Son due to inherit a family business,

Formerly engaged to a young lady whose heart can’t let him go,

Best friend to the brother of the ex-fiancé,

Carpenter par excellence and devoted employee.

Merrill is fulfilling her promise to her dying mother- looking after her father and brothers. Cooking, cleaning, mending clothes, even helping with the ice harvest, while all the while longing for more.

Rurik comes to town.

His faithfulness to his sickly uncle, shown in his successful undertaking of the family business, his willingness to help out with the ice harvest, and his handsome exterior make him quite a catch.

Merrill catches him.

Or so she thinks. Along comes the ex-fiancé, carrying with her some wildly inappropriate claims about the man Merrill believed to be pure and honest. Who can she trust?

Having never heart of ice-cutting, I was intrigued 🙂 The book delivered. A beautiful setting of old German and Swedish traditions colliding in a snowy wonderland, where the characters drink cocoa and wear woolen mittens….it’s a feel-good read.

I find that so many “Christian romance novels” are pushing the boundaries and attempting to smash in just enough sensual so that the novel can still be “Christian” (at least nominally,) while still appealing to the secular reader. However, the behavior of the characters in this book was completely above-board and even charming in many ways.

I enjoyed it. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think!

PS- This book was provided to me for free from the generous folks at Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for my review. Free book, my own honest opinions. Aren’t they great!?

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Way back when, I read and reviewed the book Submerged by Dani Pettrey. And I gushed about it. Loved it!

Well, as it turns out, that book was not a fluke. Dani Pettrey is on a roll with this series! How do I know? I recently received the 2nd book in the series as part of the book reviewer program with Bethany House Publishers, and it was JUST.AS.GOOD. as the first! I couldn’t put it down!

( Picture from book listing on

Piper McKenna is so excited to finally have her brother Reef back in town for a while- all the siblings back together again! The excitement doesn’t last for long though… Shortly after his arrival, Reef stumbles upon a murder scene and is blamed for the terrible act, and thrown in jail awaiting a trial by a biased judge and jury.

Piper doesn’t believe it. Not Reef. He wouldn’t. But her hopes of finding out the truth are quickly shattered when she realizes that the man closest to her heart, Landon Grainger, can’t seem to look past the facts of the murder scene to see the man he grew up with, the man he knows would never commit such a heinous crime.

Can Piper convince the others, especially Landon, to dig for the truth- for the sake of her brother? And if they dig, will Piper really be satisfied with what they find? Will the faith she placed in her brother be shaken? And will this be the thing that finally brings her and Landon together, or the one that drives them apart for good?

This book is phenomenal. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. The characters are, just as they were in the first book, so believable. The struggles and emotions they face are identical to “real-life” issues, which makes them very relatable. Pettrey writes in a smooth, easy-to-read style, with a very succint style- no disjointed, jumpy chapters.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of romance/suspense novels. And perhaps to other readers as well- since this may be the book that brings you over to the other side… 🙂

As always, Bethany House Publishers is beyond fabulous for providing me a free copy of this book and allowing me to review it honestly. The opinions are all mine.


One year ago today, our family had its most recent addition- this girl:

A rather lovely addition, I say!

She’s such an easy-going girl, eats all sorts of yummy healthy food, and always has a giggle or a “toofy” grin to share. Such a pretty girl too!

We love you Sophie!

Happy 1st Birthday!


Ever have one of those moments where you just want to smack yourself in the face? No? Well, I do…often.
Yesterday morning the sun was shining & the air was just crisp enough to make me think Spring hadn’t forgotten us after all.

I was happily getting my clean on inside the house. Scrubbing showers, vacuuming, folding clothes, sweeping the kitchen floor, humming away.  Content as could be.

My husband was outside mowing our lawn- before 10 AM. What a stud I have. The man works all week long, then is willing to get up on Saturday morning & make sure our lawn is looking good. I was living it up on Cloud 9- just as happy as a lark with my life and marriage.

I quickly ran to the back of the house to grab something and came back into the kitchen.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear….but a husband with damp grass clumps all over my freshly cleaned kitchen floor.

Cloud 9 evaporated.

Immediately the talons came out. “I JUST cleaned this floor. Urgh.” etc., etc., etc.

My sweet husband backtracked out the door and finished the lawn. While I re-cleaned the kitchen floor….and my heart.

How quickly I forgot the sacrifices my husband made for me.

I am a woman & my emotions can jump from here to there before I can blink. But I have to choose not to make my decisions, or respond in a certain way based on my emotions.


Choose to recognize the good in my loved ones.

Choose to respond in love, patiently.

Choose to acknowledge that our relationship is far more important than my kitchen floor.