Ever have one of those moments where you just want to smack yourself in the face? No? Well, I do…often.
Yesterday morning the sun was shining & the air was just crisp enough to make me think Spring hadn’t forgotten us after all.

I was happily getting my clean on inside the house. Scrubbing showers, vacuuming, folding clothes, sweeping the kitchen floor, humming away.  Content as could be.

My husband was outside mowing our lawn- before 10 AM. What a stud I have. The man works all week long, then is willing to get up on Saturday morning & make sure our lawn is looking good. I was living it up on Cloud 9- just as happy as a lark with my life and marriage.

I quickly ran to the back of the house to grab something and came back into the kitchen.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear….but a husband with damp grass clumps all over my freshly cleaned kitchen floor.

Cloud 9 evaporated.

Immediately the talons came out. “I JUST cleaned this floor. Urgh.” etc., etc., etc.

My sweet husband backtracked out the door and finished the lawn. While I re-cleaned the kitchen floor….and my heart.

How quickly I forgot the sacrifices my husband made for me.

I am a woman & my emotions can jump from here to there before I can blink. But I have to choose not to make my decisions, or respond in a certain way based on my emotions.


Choose to recognize the good in my loved ones.

Choose to respond in love, patiently.

Choose to acknowledge that our relationship is far more important than my kitchen floor.



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