Man of a Few More Words

Straight from the horse’s er, toddler’s mouth:

While on the church playground with his Daddy, he looked up at the sky and said, unprompted, “Daddy, it yooks yike it’s gonna yain today.” He was right. It rained. Meterologist, maybe?


We are on the verge of potty-training. He is interested, loves his pull-ups, and is very aware of how big boys “go.” He loves to talk about “peepin'” in the potty. Yep, peepin’…


We have been talking a lot about summer recently. On his own, E has been recalling things we did last summer while on vacation. Today we dressed him in a souvenir-T from Myrtle Beach, where we usually vacation. It has the signature SC Palmetto tree & sliver moon…similar to this one:

SC Palmetto Tree

As we dressed him, we talked about how the shirt was from the beach. A few hours later, he randomly said to me, “Mommy, my shirt says (pronounced “say-s,” not “sez.”) beach, summer and moon on it.” If you say so, little one.


Little man loves to count things these days. Counting is all the rage, you know! Lately, it’s been going a little something like this, “Yun, two, three, foo, fi, six, seden, eight, nine, ten, yeven, fourteen, eighteen, eighteen, eighteen.” And that’s usually the end of the list of items, because really, who needs to count higher than eighteen, anyway?


We love this little man. He is a tiny clone of his father, from his peanut-butter lovin’ to his spring allergies, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.



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