Toddler Talk

Some recent conversations worth remembering…

(Right now all of Elijah’s “L’s” and “R’s” are sounding like “Y’s.”
We “yove” it!)

Mommy: “Brrr we need to put on our coats because it’s coooold outside today. (as garage door opens) Elijah, say, ‘cold air- go away!'”

Elijah: “Cold air, go away! Yet (let) the sunshine come out!”


Mommy: “Elijah, what are you doing with all those books?” (while at work in the library)

Elijah: “Me gonna stack dese books up, but first me gonna scan dem.”


Mommy: “I’m gonna tickle you!!”

Elijah: “Mommy, time out first. Wait yun (one) minute.” (while sternly pointing his finger at me! :))


Mommy: “Elijah, when you turn 3 years old, would you like to go to preschool?”

Elijah: “Yes, but me still 2.”

Mommy: “Right. You would go when you’re three. What would you do there?”

Elijah: “Pyay with other yittle boys, coyor, and do yut (what) the teacher says.”


2 comments on “Toddler Talk

  1. Donna Padon says:

    I remember a little dark haired niece of mine , who is now Mommy to Elijah, saying the same…I “yove” you’s as her son…so sweet. Aunt Donna Jane

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