Epic Fail

I was so determined.

Make him feel special. At all costs! It’s all about him this week…(as it should be more often.)


A friendly reminder to not consume so much MSG? I wish.

Every.single.morning of work, I wake up before Nathan and shower. We just so happen to have a toddler in this household, which can only mean one thing: Crayola Bath Crayons in the shower, of course.

I had such a good little plan. I was going to leave him a sexy little note in the shower when I finished up, so that the first thing he’d see when he groggily got in the next morning would be an affirmation of my love. So in true type A fashion, I wrote myself a reminder the night before…in the shower…with bath crayon.

“Msg.” for “message” logically.

And the next morning, after coughing all night long, I woke up feeling cruddy & decided to go into work an hour late. Did it even cross my mind to get up and write a love note? Nope.

Again, ugh.

So my sweet husband was greeted with three letters and a punctuation mark…


Really says, “Good morning, I love you!” doesn’t it? Oh well…

This morning went better. The note was a little more, umm personal, shall we say? Of course it’s not hard to get more personal than mono-sodium-glutamate (is that what MSG stands for?)

Needless to say, week 2 was interesting but great! Week 3 is personal, so stay outta my business, I’ll stay outta yours! 🙂

Just kidding. But not really. As a reminder, week 3 is all about intimacy. Find out what the other person wants from you, and make it happen. And in case you weren’t sure, the other person probably doesn’t want a note from you reminding yourself to write them a note.

Happy Lovin’!


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