I Bit the Bullet

Y’all know I love a good Groupon deal, right? (i.e. a good carpet cleaning for only $49 bucks!)

Well, earlier this year (or last year…who knows? time’s a flyin’…) I asked you guys if rugs over carpets was acceptable these days. I think I expected most people to tell me not to even go there. So imagine my excitement when most everyone jumped on my bandwagon and encouraged me to try it out.

Enter another fabulous Groupon: $55 for a $120 Voucher to RugsUSA.com. And to top it off, I had just received a $5 off any Groupon coupon from GRoupon for my last purchase… So, for $50, I had $120 to spend on my rug.

I knew I wanted an 8×10, but had not found any that I loved for less than hundreds of dollars- and ahem, hundreds of dollars did NOT fit in this gal’s budget. So I skeptically went onto RugsUSA.com (before buying the voucher of course!) and started perusing the sale items. To my surprise, they had lots of rugs clearanced to great prices- around 80-ish dollars for 8×10’s.

Long story short, I was able to purchase an 8×10 (actually I think technically it’s a (7.5 x 9.5) which actually fit our space perfectly) for our living room as well as a 3’3″ round basketball rug for little mans’ room 🙂

I am smitten with both- I hope you agree!

I love the pattern!


The tone is just a darker version of the accents in our pillows & couch, so they play well together.




My next plan is to change out the curtains- either dye the cream ones I currently have a similar color to the carpet, or possibly look for some new ones. We shall see!


Overall, I am stoked with my approximately $35-$40 huge living room rug. I highly recommend RugsUSA.com (free shipping & no tax!)


2 comments on “I Bit the Bullet

  1. Anna says:

    Ahhhh!!!!! I LOVE it! And what a great deal, I wish I had seen that groupon! Love your choice and the rug on carpet looks amazing.

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, thanks! Now it’s your turn! So sorry I didn’t think to pass on the info about the Groupon earlier! Maybe it would still be available?!

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