Week 2

It is officially week 2 of the Valentine’s Marriage Challenge.

Week 1 was hard, but it was a constant challenge to me to filter- first my thoughts, and then the words that exit from those thoughts. Trying desperately to edify my husband…because he is so worth it.

Well, in case you forgot, week 2 is all about becoming creative with our praise. Instead of just telling your man that he’s a hunk, write it in the steam on the bathroom mirror, or slip a note onto his dashboard.

Basically: Go out of of your way to make his day.

I am planning some stuff- we shall see. The end goal of it all is basically summed up in this quote I saw on Pinterest today…because “the big day” fades so quickly in light of the everyday, doesn’t it? I want every day to be breathtaking, even in the muck. I want him to feel loved, not just remember love. Who’s with me?

Psst! I’ll be back later with a yummy bread recipe. You want to come back- promise!


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