Verbal Gerbil

{This post has nothing to do with gerbils. I did however pet some today & they were very cute. This post does, however, have something to do with verbalization, so it seemed fitting. Thanks for you understanding.}

Well, I wasn’t going to officially “check-in” until later this week on the marriage challenge…but I feel like I need to do a check-up on myself now.

As in right.this.very.minute.

This thing is hard. If you haven’t decided to try it out yet, I challenge you to!

I adore my husband. I mean, head over heels for the man- his looks, his personality, him, him, him.

And I tell him that I love him ALL of the time. People probably get tired of hearing it.

But telling him I love him, and praising him are not the same thing.

Praising him for the things he does for me, acknowledging the sacrifices he makes for our family, and the effort he makes to be tender, yet strong at the same time- those things are the tougher things to verbalize. He has quite the job…  So why is it so hard to swallow the lump in my throat and tell him so? Out loud.

I’m not an overly gushy, mushy person. I suppose at one time, it would have come more naturally (you’d be surprised the things that come out when you talk to a person for4-5 hours at a time on the phone – so long that your ear is literally burning…ahh the dating game,) but now there are times when it feels hard. When the trash bags pile up, the car has no gas, and the kid is cranky, the edifying-machine gets a little rusty. There are also, because of my caustically sarcastic tendencies, so many times that not so edifying comments flow… with ease. argh.

So anyway- all of that to say that I am surprised. It’s harder than I thought. And it is also a constant check-point in my mind. All of the things I want to say just “off the cuff” are going through a register of – Is saying this going to edify your husband?

It’s a welcomed change. I won’t quit! I am determined. The mind-trap will just have to stay busy, because I want my words to be checked. I want my words to build up my husband so that there is never a doubt in his mind that he is everything I have ever wanted or needed in a husband.

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One comment on “Verbal Gerbil

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    AMEN! It is definitely harder to do than you would think! I’m trying too! 🙂 Thanks for encouraging us!

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