Milestone? No thank you. Not yet.

I nearly broke down. Honestly. It was naptime… he crawled up in his bed and told me he was ready to go to sleep.

“You don’t want to snuggle?” (In my head- frantically- but we always snuggle and talk and giggle and kiss. Before every nap and every bedtime and every anything I can justify snuggling being before- mealtimes, bathtimes, playtimes, you know?!)

{crickets chirping}

“Elijah, do you want to snuggle or not?”

“Not, Nana.”

Sucker-punch to the gut. “Oh, ok. Well, lay down, I’ll cover you up. (lots of prolonged tucking-in ensued.) I love you, baby, with all my heart.”

“Nana, debu yant sit wif you.” (Mama, I want to sit with you- and snuggle!)

Phew. In the nick of time.

I’m so glad… I wasn’t ready for that. I am so thankful for the growing up, but ouch, sometimes it’s so bittersweet.

God, help me not miss the little moments. They go so fast.

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