Valentine’s Marriage Challenge

I used to wish my husband would read my blog religiously & rave over my work…

Not this month!

I recently linked up to a marriage challenge, so shh! Don’t tell him…it’s a secret! 🙂 The challenge is called:

The challenge is comprised of 4 weeks of Intentional Love. Purposing to place the needs of my husband before my own, to encourage him, to bless him, to truly love him. So, I have decided to follow along. Each week, I’ll stop in here with a check-in (for you) and a check-up (for myself) to make sure I stay on track as well as to share some of my ideas and experiences with the challenge.

Also, Courtney from Women Living Well is the brains of this operation, so you can check in with her each week as well for encouragement along the way.

The 4 Weeks of the Challenge are as follows:

1- Look for ways to verbally praise your husband

2- Get more creative with praise- notes on the mirror,  in the car, with sidewalk chalk, etc.

3- Pursue intimacy and place the intimate needs of your man above your own.

4- Ask your husband what HE wants for Valentine’s Day & do your best to make it happen. Make the day about him!

So, here I go! Wish me luck & if you decide to take the challenge as well, let me know & I’ll try to cheer you on your way too!

Oh and PS- Maybe you aren’t married. You can still take the challenge. Obviously the intimacy will be a different type, but the challenge is really about seeking for ways to build up the OTHER people in our relationships more than ourselves.


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