Raising a Giant-Slayer

My {almost} 2 1/2 year old’s favorite Bible story is David & Goliath. It goes a little something like this when he tells it…

Mean Glithe laugh.

Dabid say him not scared.

Him take fi (5) wocks & put yun (1) in him singshot.

Him singshot go yound and yound & the wock HIT Glithe.

Him fa down and down and HIT ground.


God winned, Nana!!

I just love it. I love reading those stories to him. In our Sunday School class on Sunday, the question was asked “How can we make sure that our children know that God has a plan for their lives?”

#1- We have to live our lives as examples of this. Proof that, yes Mommy makes mistakes & acts ungrateful at times, but God still Has a plan for me. And despite my failures, He can still work through me. And you, sweet little boy, are one of the GREATEST ways that God has ever worked in my life. A dear friend posted this quote today on Facebook and it really resonated with me: “By God’s marvelous design, few life experiences humble us quite as effectively as parenting….This tiny tyrant is providentially placed in our house with one grand program: to mold his or her parents into the image of our Lord. The way up spiritually, is by looking down physically.” So true!

#2- These tried and true Bible stories are examples of this. My boy knows that Jonah didn’t obey God- that he ran, and endangered others, and had to literally spend days in the dank innerds of a “big fitch” in order to fully realize the full Plan and Forgiveness of His God. Mistake after mistake, yet never turned away. Never told he couldn’t be used. He came back and God did mighty things through him. My boy understands already that David was a young boy, not trained in giant-slaying. He knows that the king questioned David, the crowds whispered & the giant jeered. But GOD proved Himself mighty in the most unlikely of places. A young boy- surrendered.

May God show Himself mighty through me- a mother, trying to be surrendered & allow God’s “marvelous design” to work through me and mold my son.

And may he grow to be a giant-slayer for the Lord.


“You Were There”

By Avalon

I wonder how it must have felt
When David stood to face Goliath on a hill
I imagine that he shook with all his might
Until You took his hand, and held on tight

‘Cause You were there, You were there
In the midst of danger’s snare
You were there, You were there always
You were there when the hardest fight
Seemed so out of reach
Oh, You were there, You were always there
You were always there

So there he stood upon that hill
Abraham with knife in hand was poised to kill
But God in all his sovereignty had bigger plans
And just in time, You brought a lamb

‘Cause You were there,
You were there
In the midst of the unclear
You were there, you were there always
You were there when obedience
Seemed to not make sense
You were there, You were always there
You were always there

So haven’t I learned that my ways
Aren’t as high as Yours are
And You alone keep the universe
From crumbling into dust
You are God and though we would
Not have understood You
There You were

Hanging blameless on a cross
You would rather die than leave us in the dark
Every moment, every planned coincidence
Just all makes sense
With Your last breath

You were there, You were there
During  history’s darkest hour
You were there, You were there always
You were the Victor and the King
You were the power in David’s swing
You were the calm in Abraham
You are the God who understands
You are the strength when we have none
You are the living, Holy one
You were, You are and You will always be
the Risen Lamb of God

You were, You are and You will always be
The Risen Lamb of God


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