Good, Better or Best?

I just can’t NOT tell you this. Yep, double negative. Take that Jr. High English teacher 🙂

The other day, I posted an FB status about what a blessing it is to have those moments when you know that, not only does God know your wants & needs, but He cares about them.

Well, I’m here to elaborate!

For Christmas, some family members gave me some cash to spend on *anything* I wanted! It was so  fun… of course I had a million ideas of where that money was going to go. When I got down to the last $50 or so, I nearly made a silly purchase.

Sweatpants. But not just any sweatpants… $40 Nike sweatpants- boyfriend fit, long enough for gazelle legs here, and (as I said to my hubs the 1st time I tried them on) felt “like butta” on. They were truly something that I had been looking for for a very long time. But (in my estimation,) $40 seemed a little steep. I wanted them, but just had this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t spend that much on, well, butta’.

Well, a few days later, I checked my email and was bombarded with the usual onslaught of “daily deal” emails. Usually the deals don’t interest me, but on this particular day, one caught my eye…

3 Rooms of Professional Carpet Cleaning for $49.

Well, I’ll be. We just “happen” to have 3 rooms of carpet that needed cleaning in our home. I  just “happened” to have been searching for WEEKS for a good carpet cleaning deal. The company just “happened” to agree that they would service our home, even though it was outside of their usual radius. And I just “happened” to have saved back $50 from my Christmas money.

The Lord knew. None of that just “happened.”

Yes, I could have spent that money on sweatpants, and there wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that. I would most certainly have squeezed every penny’s worth out of them. They would have been good.

But there was something better. A way to better spend my money, that would benefit my whole family, and leave me feeling so blessed by the way He cares about my wants & needs.

He does know best, after all.

Just as an afterthought, if any of YOU want to help care for my wants, since God has my needs well handled, here’s a link to those sweatpants (black, size XL) hehe 🙂



One comment on “Good, Better or Best?

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