The Present Moment

Over Thanksgiving break, we decorated for Christmas. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work & life recently that we didn’t quite do as much as we have done in years past- just enough to make it feel Christmasy, warm & cozy.

Tonight, I was just sitting on the floor in front of our glass front door, looking out at our twinkling Christmas lights. I feel like I never outgrow the wonder of seeing all of those beautiful white lights, sparkling brilliantly against the black backdrop of night.

Elijah came trotting across the living room… “Debu sit you, Nana.”

With joy, sweet boy! Come sit with me and let’s look at the Christmas lights together!

I was talking away, pointing out the lights, the cold night air we could feel through the glass, and the big full white moon I could see gleaming in the sky. Elijah was following my signals and listening to my monologue….

Then all of a sudden, “Debu goal, Nana!” He said repeatedly.

What? The beautiful lights, the wonder of the moon, the crisp wintry air…all of that and you notice the reflection of your basketball goal in the glass? Really? Harumph.

Then I snuggled him tightly and reveled in his little discovery. He isn’t worried about the big stuff, it doesn’t take anything grand to impress that boy. Just a simple reflection of something he loves.

Sometimes I get so caught up trying to see the “big picture.” I have to try and control the circumstances, manipulate the process and predict the endings. And somewhere along the way, I tend to miss the simple things.

So instead of wondering at the size of the man in the moon, tonight I just smiled at the sweet reflection I saw in the glass.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” -Eckhart Tolle


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