If I were a bettin’ woman- which I’m not- I’d bet that by now you’ve likely forgotten that this blog exists…

I very nearly forgot about it myself.

Life’s been THAT crazy.

And the holidays are just beginning!

But I HAD to pop in with some exciting news…

Exciting to a mother of a toddler, that is.

Elijah just pee-peed in the potty for the 1st time! He has been interested for a long while now, and has often asked if he can sit on his potty, and will pretend to “go,” and then look in the potty to see if he was successful :), but today he WAS successful!

And my oh my did we ever party!

Happy dances, squeals of delight, chocolate chips- the whole 9 yards!

So proud of my boy- maybe we’re moving towards the end of the diaper era…for now at least!

Promise I won’t wait so long before the next post!



One comment on “Monumental

  1. Anna says:

    Way to go, buddy!

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