Rebellion Breeders

Not too long ago, I was privy to a conversation that really got my “wheels turning.” The topic of discussion? How we “young mothers” differ from the mothers of generations prior in our child-rearing methods.

I know we do. The times are so different.

For one thing, my 2 year old knows how to turn our TV on and off, and change channels. He knows how to call his Grammy on the phone (a skill with which she seemed very pleased.) He knows so many “modern” things.

This generation is so very challenging, yet so wonderfully blessed, diverse and exciting.

I know, as a “modern” mother, that I have more varieties of wipes to choose from than did my grandmothers. I don’t have to clean cloth diapers, I can choose to feed my son any variety of food under the sun, I have 3 strollers (ALL of which were gifted to us- just clearin’ that up now 😉 ) a baby swing, a bouncy seat, a bumbo, and the list goes on.

We ARE spoiled. We are privileged, even if we consider ourselves not to be.

But the comment was made that often these conveniences, our uses of them, and our sense of being particular with our children, will cause our children to become rebellious & dependent.

I disagree with that.

I will do for my son for as long as he cannot do for himself. I will ask my God to make me cheerful in the “doing.” I will choose to serve my son- to cook for him, to teach him to walk & talk, to wipe his tush, to hold his hand, for as long as God allows me to do so. I will- to the best of my ability & with the Lord’s guidance- teach my son about God & help him to be in awe of the One who died for him.

I will not push my son into the world and teach him to “fend” for himself.

I want to raise a competent man, one who will be strong, hard-working and ready to lead a family.

But I want to RAISE him to be that way- to do so one step at a time. Teaching, nurturing, showing- not shoving and hoping for the best.

Am I the only person who knows how to raise a child? Heaven’s no! Sometimes I feel like someone else could do it so much better! But God in His sovereignty and goodness chose ME to be the mother to a most precious baby boy. He chose me to raise Elijah Blake.

Do I need 30 varieties of Baby Carriers to do so? No.

But if they are available to me, you had better believe I’ll use them. It is not the baby carriers that breed rebellion, and it is not our generation’s use of them. Rebellion is a heart issue- perhaps learned from, or bred by, a mother who uses “things” to occupy the parts of her child’s life that need to be occupied by her own self.

When my son looks back on his childhood, I hope he remembers me along the way. I hope that all of the lessons he learns will not come from outside of our home- but that many will come from within these walls. That he will be able to look back and see the times that I gently helped him or explained something to him, and that it made all the difference.

And I pray that the love and guidance he experiences from me will point him to God- my Father- who patiently guides and directs me.

Yes, we live in different times. And yes, sometimes we may go overboard when we forget that God is in control. But don’t write us, or our children, off just because we’re young.



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