DIY Accessory Storage & Someone Else’s 17th Birthday

So remember when I told you in this post about how my sister-in-law turned 17, and I wanted to make her something personalized for her birthday, which resulted in this “zebra-fied” nail polish shelf?

Well that put me in a bit of a quandary. See, I have a baby sister named Katie (who looks a lot like me I might add…) who also just turned 17,  has a bedroom with zebra print accents, AND has quite the collection of nail polish.

Katie & I at “Awana Twin Night” when she was 10 or so! 🙂

Not one to give the same gift to two different people, I started brainstorming, and called the only other spy, I mean sister, still left at home for some help on ideas. I knew these things:

-Katie doesn’t have a lot of wall space free in her room

-She has lots of jewelry/headbands/nail polish/accessories in general

-She is starting to phase out of the “teen” style stuff and more into sophisticated black accents (she is SO like me ;))

SO, we decided that an “accessories stand” was the way to go. A storage option for different things, not just limited to necklaces, nail polish, etc., but that could be used for whatever she chooses, and that would sit on top of her dresser.

I found some inspiration on Pinterest, and went to town. No literally, I went to town- you knew I live in the boonies, right? 🙂

I went to the Dollar Tree, and for $5 total, bought 3 lightweight metal trays and 2 glass candlesticks.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought some black spray paint.

Once I got home, it was as simple as spraying each piece of the stand (multiple times in light, even layers- front and back/top and bottom,) and then gluing them together.

Voila! This was my staged shot, with all my stuff on it…

But of course, it looks even more snazzy all decked out with her bling and in her room!

I have GOT to stop making these things for other people- I want to keep them for myself 😉

Happy Birthday, KK! We love you lots!


2 comments on “DIY Accessory Storage & Someone Else’s 17th Birthday

  1. Anna says:

    Love it! I’m a sucker for any project done with spray paint. 🙂

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