When I was pregnant, my husband and I kept the name of our son a secret until he was born.

Elijah Blake

It was something special that only we knew. We talked about him at home, and referred to him by name, but never told anyone else.

When he was born, we excitedly shared his name with our friends and family members. Everyone loved it- it had the “perfect ring” they said, it “suits him perfectly!”

Then, over time, a funny thing started to happen.

Elijah Blake became Elijah….which became Lije.

He’s my Lije, my Lijey Bear.

Nathan & I called him that for a while, then it trickled over to our family members- which I love. It’s like his special identity.

Then one day, I heard it. At school, from a “random” student… “Hey Lije!”

My heart sank and my jaw matched it.

I was jealous. Jealous of that special “thing” that only our families had shared until that moment.

He’s mine & in some weird way, I felt like someone was infringing on my bond with him. How dare they? The worst part? He answered them. Ouch.

I felt betrayed- I honestly wanted him to ignore the person.

Sounds silly to say, but it was a very real feeling.

I imagine that at times God feels something similar.

“Heidi, you’re mine! Why are you allowing someone or something else to call to you?  I am jealous of you- I have called you, I know you, we have spent time together and are intimately acquainted…Don’t give to someone else the attention that should only be mine. No one else has invested in you the way that I have. I have given you my very Son. Listen only to my voice.”

Of course, God is right and righteous, and He doesn’t sin. So His jealousy is perfect, mine is far from it. But I can tell from Scripture, that He desires and is jealous of our utmost, our awe, our attention, our love, our lives, our everything.

Deuteronomy 4:24 “The Lord is a consuming fire, a JEALOUS God.”

Exodus 34:14 “Worship no other God, for the Lord…is a JEALOUS God.”

May we listen only to one voice, be so in tune with Him that we know when His voice speaks to us so well that we can ignore the calls of the world.


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