I’ll get right on it…

My two-year-old has started picking up lots of two-year-old habits.

Which is fine since he’s, you know, two.

Some of his new habits are adorable, and some of the habits are annoying. But then there’s the third category: the ones that are totally annoying, but adorably cute at the same time. Argh. Those are the worst. We try to be consistent with discipline, but sometimes that stinkin’ cute face can make it awfully hard.

Anyway….the habit that has me rambling tonight?

Often times when we ask Elijah to do something, he says “Uh-huh, Nana! Uh-huh, Nana!” (“Yes, Mama!”) over and over again, while vigorously nodding his head. He is so excited to obey, so willing to do whatever I ask of him. The model child. Except…

His feet never move.

It’s so darn cute, but so darn annoying at the same time. He wants to please, he just doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing in order to obey.

And oh.my.word. Am I this spiritually lacking? The Lord convicts me all the time through my two year old! My TWO year old, I tell you!

I am so like him.

“Oh yes, Lord. Yes, you’re so right. I should definitely reach out to that person. I’ll get right on it…”

Yet for whatever reason (my pride, my busy schedule, my, my, my…) it never happens. Oh, in my head, I am so eager to please. So willing to obey my Lord. But my feet are so stuck in the mud of my own little soggy world, I rarely move to make it happen.

One too many nods of the head, and way too little movement of the feet.

Lord, let me move to obey. Let my obedience be my faith in action.

Dear Elijah,

I love learning along with you, my little love!



3 comments on “I’ll get right on it…

  1. Anna says:

    You are so right. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for the reminder to get on that NOW!

  2. Merri Holmes says:

    Thanks Heidi! This is a good one for us all….. ( thanks to you too, Elijah!) 🙂

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