17,520 Hours

730 wonderful days…

104 crazy weeks…

24 memory filled months…

That’s how long it’s been since this day:

I can’t even believe it. My heart still swells with love every time I see that picture. Every time I think of the first moment the nurses laid that 10 pound, 6 oz. bundle on my chest. As long as I live, I will never forget it- holding that boy who had been inside of my very self for 10 months. I had talked to him, sung to him, played “find that kicking foot” with him, but never had I held him in my arms.

Never had I snuggled him against my face, and nuzzled into his soft little rolls… until that day.

And every day since, I have tried to nuzzle into the face of that sweet boy. Again and again. There will never be enough nuzzling.

I am so thankful for the 2 years that God has given me to snuggle and love on that precious boy. I pray for many, many more.

Happy Birthday, my sweet two year old.

Mommy loves you more than life itself!



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