Miss Char


There is a baby girl who will forever hold a special place in my heart. The first time I held her, I literally trembled with fear, because I was five days away from delivering a baby of my own.

She was beautiful, perfectly precious in every way. I admired her sweet little fingers, wondering what the fingers of my own little man would be like. I held her as she cried, and was terrified at the thought of not being able to quiet the cries of my own child.

She is probably the niece/nephew who got the least of my time, as I adjusted to having a baby of my own. But I assure you, she didn’t get the least of my love.

She is turning out to be quite the bubbly, sweet personality, and I am so thankful that my sweet E will always share his birthday week with such a special cousin…

And that I will forever have the memory of holding that little girl, for the first time, etched in my mind.

I love you so much Miss Charlotte Hope!

Photo: Happy second birthday to this chick! We love you Charlie Bear!


Aunt Heidi

(and cousin E says he loves you too! Even if you did try to eat his head at 3 weeks old:) )

1 Year old Cousins after Bathtime


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