Hidden Storage

I am nothing if I am not a compulsive organizer. “A place for everything and everything in its’ place” is my mantra.

I think initially the compulsion started because my family moved around a lot, and with every move came the “purging” of stuff I didn’t need. With each new “settling in” came the reorganizing. I love to rearrange and play with a layout until it’s the most organized and functional that it can be…

while still being pretty.

It’s gotta be pretty. Utilitarian plastic bins are fine, if tucked inside a closet. But if it’s going to be visible, it’s gotta look good.

So, this past summer I took on a few “make it look good” organization projects at my workplace. This is now my 2nd year as the school librarian. Year 1 was spent determining what I really needed out of what was left by the previous librarian. Then summer #1 was spent organizing, purging, and desperately trying to make the space bright, cheerful and kid-friendly.

Project #1: Hide that Storage!

I have an excellent work table that is right behind my desk. My deskchair is on a constant swivel, from computer, to workspace. But the worktable only offered exposed storage below- there weren’t any doors or drawers, just one big open shelf.

So, after toying around with what was best to do, I decided to enclose it with a curtain.

You have to know- I don’t have a sewing machine, and I don’t intend to spend hours of my life with a needle and thread in hand.

Enter this stuff from Walmart:

Stitch Witchery, Super Weight

A few summers ago, I bought 2 rolls of Stitch Witchery, for a few dollars total, and I have used it for several products! You simply:

-Unroll a stretch of the stitch witchery, which feels like scratchy lace, the length of the fabric side you want to hem.

-Lay the stitch witchery on the side of the fabric and fold fabric over it to create a straight hem line.

-Lay a damp, lightweight cloth over the hem, and iron.

Voila! A perfectly hemmed, and in my experience, very durably hemmed piece of fabric.

So I measured my table from underneath the top lip, down to the floor, and cut my fabric with 1″ allowance all the way around for hemming.

I made 2 side panels, and 1 front panel since the table is pushed against the wall in the back. I just stapled my curtain into the wooden table.

After attaching the 2 side panels:

The finished product:

Now I can easily access my stored items by just lifting one of the 3 panels, but everything is hidden from view. It’s just what I needed.

Hope it inspires you!







4 comments on “Hidden Storage

  1. Anna says:

    Love it! Stitch Witchery is one of my favorite tools – I don’t know how to sew AT ALL, and it has been a lifesaver on clothes, curtains, etc. Love your fabric’s pattern too! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Heidi, I love this, such a great idea and such cute fabric. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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