Baby Talk – On Big & Little Muffins

Tonight I had a pretty sweet conversation with my little man after his bath. He was feeling so out-of-whack after missing his naptime today, and then being with a babysitter for the afternoon while I filled in for a friend at work. So I thought I would snuggle with him a few minutes and elicit some extra love by offering him some mini pumpkin muffins (that he helped me make last night!) We made mini muffins as well as regular sized.

Just keep in mind, as you read, that “whoa” in Elijah lingo = big. 🙂 (For a more complete Elijah dictionary, see this previous post – haha)

Me: Elijah, do you want to have some pumpkin muffins & watch a cartoon with Mama?

Elijah: Uh-huh Nana! (excitedly)

Me: Do you want a big muffin or little muffins?

Elijah: Eetle, Nana.

Me: Little ones? Ok. How many little muffins can you eat tonight?

Elijah: Fi

Me: Five?

Elijah: Uh-uh, tee.

Me: 3?

Elijah: Uh-uh Nana…fi, tee, toe, tee, fi!

Me: 5, 3, 2, 3, 5? That’s a lot… Whoa!

Elijah: Uh-uh whoa Nana, eetle.

Me: Ok, I know. You want the little ones 😉

He’s got a mind of his own these days. We are on the brink of the terrific two’s, holding our breath and taking the dive. Hope you’ll come along for the ride- and more important conversations on down the road…I guess I should re-title this series “toddler talk.” Not exactly read for that.


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