Marriage & Recipes

I think every married woman has been there- that one recipe that his mom or grandma made that just can’

Try as you might, it never turns out the same. Could be the pan she used, or just the fact that she has made it a thousand times- either way, yours isn’t the same as his grandma’s.

In our house, it’s No-Bake Cookies. My family made ours rich and chocolatey, his Nanny’s are peanut-buttery & more creamy.

I’ve tried adding more PB, less cocoa, no vanilla, fewer oats, less boiling time, etc. They’re so good, they just don’t taste like hers. I even tried her recipe, and they weren’t the same.

My husband is always complimentary though. It doesn’t change the fact that his Nanny’s are his favorite, but he always devours mine & thanks me for making them.

They’re just different.

The real reason for my rant about No-Bake Cookies? We wives are doing the same thing that drives us crazy to our husbands.

I have read many posts on facebook, from married women, that make me cringe. Married women saying things about their fathers like, “He’s the best man in the world.” Or “My dad is the most giving, caring, man I know.” “He’s the world’s best Dad.”

Umm…you’re married right?

Your father may have been the best father in the world for YOU, I know mine was. He did what was best for me- and he was and still is a great Father. But when I got married, he GAVE me to my husband.

I chose to marry my husband because, for me, he is the very best man in the world. He loves me, guides me, and protects me. For our son, he is the best father in the world. I cherish the times that I get to watch him snuggle up and read a book with Elijah, or wrestle him on the floor. I adore the strength I hear in his voice when he has to discipline our son.

If it bothers me that I can never match up to something so silly as Mom or Grandma’s recipe, how very flippant of me to expect it not to hurt my husband when I constantly (whether subconsciously or not) compare him to my Dad.

I want my man to know that he has my complete admiration. I want him to feel adored and respected.

I don’t want him to cower underneath unrealistic expectations that are placed when I call someone else “the best.”

To me, he is the best.

And I don’t want him to ever doubt it.


6 comments on “Marriage & Recipes

  1. Sarah says:

    So sweet Heidi! Love it!!

  2. Merri Holmes says:

    So true, heidi!

  3. Anna says:

    AWESOME post. I couldn’t agree more. Although my father is a great man and was/is a great father to me, Jason is absolutely the best man I know. I am so glad to read about a woman putting her husband first, even over her kids! I’m afraid the world we live in has things a little backwards when it comes to priorities.

    Oh, and for the record – I FINALLY made Jason’s mom’s nutball cookies BETTER than she does – you read that right, Jason said BETTER. 😀

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