Baby Talk – 22 Months

Ok, so Elijah is babbling constantly now. And when I say constantly, I mean constantly…

It’s precious, but still mostly in a code that only his Daddy & I really understand.

Most of the words make sense:

“Whoa!” = Big

“Eetle” = Little

“Doll” = Ball

“Whee!” = Slide/Swing (it’s the sound he makes when he comes down 🙂 )

“Taint oo” = Thank you

“Lellow, Puwpuw, Bwoo, Geen, Hey, Why-why,” = Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, White

“Choo-choo” = Train

And more…

BUT, there are two phrases that he uses a LOT these days that we just don’t get. I know exactly what he means when he says them, I just cannot decide from where he got these phrases.

“Debu” = Do it myself (maybe “I do?”)

“Hoho” = Bed/Crib

Any ideas? For the life of me, I cannot figure out “hoho!”

Getting his “Choo-Choo” Ticket from the Conductor







4 comments on “Baby Talk – 22 Months

  1. Megan Mattinson says:

    Maybe the crib is his “home”? He’s getting SO big! And I love the shirt!!

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  3. […] that “whoa” in Elijah lingo = big. (For a more complete Elijah dictionary, see this previous post – […]

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