Hungry or Cheap- this one’s for you!

Why yes, I did spend the last hour making a family of cow costumes…

Don’t you know?

Tomorrow is “Cow Appreciation Day” better known, in our household, as: “Dress Like a Cow for Free Chick-fil-a Day.”

Don’t judge me…I’ll stoop as low as the next gal for some free food 🙂

If you don’t have a costume, don’t worry. You can do like I did, and go here. You can download the cow starter kit, print it off, tape it on your t-shirt, and voila! A free entree’ for your cow self. No offense there- I’m not really calling you a cow… per se’.

Oh, and yes, a White cow with black spots + A Black cow with white spots TOTALLY = A white baby cow with brown spots. We’re talking genetics here, folks.

Happy Eating!


One comment on “Hungry or Cheap- this one’s for you!

  1. […] today! Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten your free food yet, the day’s not over! Click here for info on creating your easy, peasy cow costume for free food […]

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