Happy Birthday, America!

In honor of the birth of our country, I have decided it’s only fitting that we have a party. And I have no idea where this idea of a cook-out came from…

Chips, Hamburgers, Canned Drinks?


America is a “she.” That party scenario is totally “male.”

Here’s what I would do:

A nice little Americana Insired Mani for the party

Something festive to welcome the guests in


Thirsty? Have some strawberry water!


Every birthday girl deserves a gift– and what’s better than one that can reside on my wall?

Pinned Image

And of course, some yummy goodies for the party (to place on your beautiful table, pictured below!)

Room to Inspire’s “Red Vines” wrapped in Stars & Stripes

Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzels in Red, White  & Blue


Giggles Galore’s Fruit Kabobs for something on the healthier side

Also from Giggles Galore, a little piece of cake for everyone, the birthday girl isn’t selfish after all!

A Centerpiece that is so clean and elegant

Blue Glassware Centerpiece

At least, that’s what I think America would like for her party. Who do I think her guests would be?

The Founding Fathers who founded this nation as being “Under God,”

The Service men & women who have and are still fighting to keep it free,

And those of us who truly do Love this Land.

Happy Birthday, America!


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