Not so Magic Mike

If you’re here to read a post-viewing review of the movie, you’re in the wrooooong place.

If you read my blog at all, it shouldn’t surprise you. I’m a conservative Christ-follower, so for many spiritual reasons, I find this movie to be questionable, at best. But there are actually many reasons, from a common-sense standpoint that cause me to want to stay away from the film.

Before I get ahead of myself, here’s a summary (anonymous author) of the movie taken from IMDb, Mike, an experienced stripper, takes a younger performer called The Kid under his wing and schools him in the arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money.”

Common Sense Objections (Scripture aside for now) to a film like this one:

1- For years, women in this country have fought, very literally, to have the same rights as men, and not be objectified as being nothing more than sexual objects. Women have spent lifetimes to secure the right, for other women, to a life better than stripping, or otherwise “entertaining” men for money. Prostitution, stripping, nightclub “dancing,” etc. are all ways of using nothing but a person’s body to gain money. Not using one’s mind, or other talents. If so many have fought for a woman’s equal right to a corner office, then why does it even make sense that we, as women, would throw ourselves like mindless bimbos at the feet of stripping men- using their bodies and the heightened senses of women to earn money. (NO, I am not a feminist, just stating the obvious here.)

2- Consider the message that your response, as an adult, to this film will send to young women & men. Dove has begun an entire movement for self-esteem to help young women be accepting of themselves as they are- not needing to be like anyone else to fulfill their life’s purpose. We teach young women to ignore the airbrushed images in magazines and movies, of women whose bodies are of unattainable perfection. Then somehow it is supposed to be ok for us to lust after men whose bodies are touched up, sprayed, oiled and tanned? Not only is that teaching young girls to look for “love” dependent upon a man’s body, but it teaches young men that the type of body that will cause women to throw themselves at them, is a body that they will likely never have. Kind of depressing, huh?

3- Just be honest. If you are a wife, do you want your husband looking at nearly naked women whose bodies are probably, according to the world, “better” than yours? I sure don’t. Thankfully I have a husband who understands this, and is courteous of my feelings. I have to believe that he’d prefer me not to be looking at the bodies of nearly naked men as well.

4-If we, many of us married adults, tell/show our children that seeing a stripper movie is ok, then how can we tell them that going to a strip club in “real life” isn’t ok? What’s the difference?

Now, indulge me, and allow me to share some of the reasons, from Scripture that I feel make this movie inappropriate for a Believer. This blog has followers that are not believers. I am aware of that. So obviously, these reasons will not seem to make sense to you, but maybe they will spur some digging into the Bible, to find out where it all comes from!

1- 1 Cor. 6:18 tells us to FLEE immorality. Run from it. Have nothing to do with it. It says that immorality is a sin against our own bodies.

2- Matthew 5:28 says that if you look at a person with lust, you’ve already committed adultery with them in your heart. I have not read one comment about Magic Mike that doesn’t have the name of one of the men in the movie + a comment about their “hot bodies.” That, my friend, is lust.

3- 1 John 2:16 says that everything in the world, specifically desires of the flesh and eyes, is NOT from God. Something that is stirring up fleshly desires in a person is wrong. How can a half naked man, dancing suggestively not cause a person to think of/feel fleshly desires?

4- 1 Peter 2:11 says to abstain from passions of the flesh, for they WAR against our souls. Pretty strong language.

The list could go on for hours. But I guess the verse that keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is in Romans. Chapter 13, verse 14:

Make NO provision for the flesh, to gratify its’ desires.

Have I seen the movie? Nope.

But I’ve sure seen enough comments about it to know that by going, I would most definitely be making provisions for my flesh. Allowing myself to see things that can cause me to become lustful, discontent with my current status, etc.

You do not have to agree with everything I have said here. In fact, I doubt most will. I also understand completely that this stance I have taken is pretty “strict.” And it most definitely applies to just about every film that Hollywood puts out. That’s why in our home we try to be very diligent about what we watch.

Magic Mike just so happens to be the film that is peppering my facebook feed these days. Be mindful of those around you. If by some stretch, you feel your Christian liberty allows you to see this film comfortably, be careful not to be a stumbling block to those around you.

That’s all. Thanks for listening reading.


2 comments on “Not so Magic Mike

  1. Susan Towe says:

    Love it Heidi, and thoroughly agree. Susan

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