Another year…smarter?

Recently I’ve been in a battle with my age.

“I’m too young to feel like this…”

“I’m way too old to be doing something like that…”

I can’t figure it out. Being a wife & mother by age 22 seemed very normal to me. But sometimes, it’s confusing.

So I decided I’ll figure it out eventually because “with age comes wisdom,” right? Over the years, I’ve heard literally hundreds of people say that.

But wait a minute. Back that truck up.

That can’t be right.

The Bible says that we are to seek wisdom, to diligently ask for wisdom, to hunt wisdom down like a treasure.

While both are blessings from God, age (excepting death, of course) will come whether we ask for it or not. Wisdom will not.

I’m afraid that I, and probably most people who read this, have spent lots of years becoming- not wiser- but smarter.

I have learned, par excellence, how to:

-Slow down when I see a cop…even if my speed was right on to begin with.

-Avoid running into someone I know when I see them in a grocery store.

-Come up with excuses to not do something that I know I should do

-Worry about things I cannot change

-Shop for, and find, a good bargain

-Cook, clean & entertain

But none of these have made me wiser. Wisdom says:

-Do what’s right, when no one is looking. Then when someone does look, you won’t have to change what you’re doing.

-There aren’t “accidents.” God placed you there at that moment, perhaps to minister to that person you’re avoiding. Stop being selfish and be used.

-Watch the ant. See how she toils. Don’t be lazy. Work, and work diligently.

-Don’t worry for tomorrow. Tomorrow is in the hands of your God.

-Be a good steward of your finances, but give lavishly.

-Use talents, abilities, and resources not for your own glory, but as an opportunity to share the love of Christ.

See the difference?

I want to be a seeker of wisdom. A diligent hunter of the treasure that will change the lens through which I see from “me- focused” to “God-focused.”

We can’t just wait for wisdom to fall in our laps.

If we do, we’ll continue to be just another year smarter.


2 comments on “Another year…smarter?

  1. Anna says:

    Great post, girl. I felt like I was reading a devotional – conviction and all! Thank you for these great reminders. 🙂

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