The longest post you’ll ever read about toilets… I hope.

I am really a neat, organized person.

Not because I think that somehow makes me a better person, just because that’s how my brain functions. I am type A, like seriously.

So, I just want things to be a certain way, always.

Well, when we had little man (go ahead and laugh now, you veteran moms,) some things couldn’t be “just so” anymore. He interrupted the system.

And while I am SO glad to have him, I am not so glad to have the ring around my toilet bowl.

So what’s the connection between baby and toilet bowl ring, you might ask. Well, it’s not a really great excuse, but it’s the truth…so I figured I’d share.

BOTH of our bathrooms, in this cozy little home of ours, are close or through-the-wall adjacent to Elijah’s nursery. So when we began putting him down to sleep at night in his own room, in the beginning, we literally tip-toed around the home for fear of waking him up. (And yes, I KNOW, you’re supposed to make the child used to sleeping in all sorts of sounds, but mine wasn’t that kind of sleeper at home. He slept through ball games in a gymnasium, but whispers outside his door woke him in a second. So, let’s just call a parenting truce on this one- you do what works for you, we’ll do what works for us 🙂 )

Thus due to the bathroom’s proximity to E’s room, we often didn’t flush our toilets at night after he went to sleep… we’d wait until the morning. Henceforth leading to a ring around the toilet bowl. My otherwise pristine toilets had a slight ring around them.

I was mortified.

For months I tried everything to get rid of that ring. To name a few:

Comet with bleach,

Baking Soda,

I even stuck my hand IN the toilet and scrubbed it with a Magic Eraser. It was NOT magical.

It’s nasty, I know…but like I said, it’s all truth around here.

Well, on my last trip to Wal-Mart, I left Elijah at home with Daddy, and I kid you not, I stood in the cleaner aisle for literally 15-20 minutes reading the backs of all the toilet bowl cleaners. I had resigned myself to a cleaner similar to another I’d already tried when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this beauty:

It has many uses, and only costs around $2. But the use most precious to me? It removed my toilet bowl ring. All you do is wet the bar, which feels like an extremely rough pumice you’d use in the shower, and scrub away.  Then just rinse clean the residue.

I’m in love.

And no, this is not an “official” product endorsement…no perks in it for me. But if the company wanted to grant me a lifetime supply of these little gems, I wouldn’t complain.

What’s your secret for toilet bowl ring removal?



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