Fatherly Expectations

Last night I was reading in Isaiah 55 about how God’s ways and thoughts are higher than mine. One of the questions in my study was, “How can I learn more about God’s ways?”

As I went on, I felt myself going in circles…

-The way to know more about God’s ways & thoughts is through studying His Word

-Through studying His Word, I learn what He expects of my life

-Through learning what He expects of me, I am given insight into who He is…

Because you can learn a lot about a person by what they expect of their children.  We are to be holy as he is holy, love as he loved, and the list goes on. His commands to us teach us His character.

My Dad never asked more of us girls, his daughters, than he expected of himself.

Why were we to get up and make the bed every morning? Because he did.

Why were daily devotions important to me? Because I can’t count the mornings I saw him having his before everyone else woke up.

Why were we to not only eat all of the food we were given, but thank our Mom for it? Because even if it was squash, which he hates (I know my tenses don’t match, but he STILL hates squash 🙂 ,) Dad cleaned His plate & kissed Mom to show his thanks.

Why apologize after an argument? Because anytime Mom & Dad had one around us girls, they apologized in front of us.

Why attend church every Sunday morning and night & Wednesday night? Because Dad loved church- loved being there, loved serving there, and loved the people there. He taught us to love church too.

He taught us so much about who he is, and who our Heavenly Father is, by expecting much of us…

Thank you, Dad, for loving me, teaching me, expecting much of me, and showing me your beliefs through your life.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

♥ I’ll be back later with a post about another Father so very dear to my heart! ♥






One comment on “Fatherly Expectations

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