Many Thanks…

Like my picture?

I sure do!

Beside the fact that it features the two handsome loves of my life, there actually is more significance to this picture.

A few months ago, I shared a little information about our laptop and it’s brink-of-death status.

The poor thing-we have had it for 6ish years- through college, marriage, lots and lots of trips, and the most recent and dangerous endeavor of all- a toddler. It was quite a trooper for the first year or so, until we took it to China with us.

Something about the transformer/adapter just did a number on our sweet laptop. It was never quite the same again…It would no longer play/recognize DVD’s, the sound came and went, it easily picked up viruses, etc. China was not good for our laptop, although it was quite possibly born there- who knows?

Anyway, after I posted, completely unassumingly, about the impending death of our laptop, we got some sweet news.

Some very special family members wanted to help us out with the purchase of a new laptop. They were going to put away a little here and there, and when the time came, they wanted to give us that money toward the purchase of a new computer. So we put aside some money from our tax return, then combined it with the gifted money, and were just short of the amount needed to purchase the computer we had been ogling eyeing.

In the strangest turn of events (aka God’s timing), it turned out that my inlaws were able to sell a rare-ish coin or two that my husband had collected over the years, when a buyer randomly stopped in our small town. The total? Just a few dollars shy of the total for the computer.

So tonight, I am staring lovingly at that picture. That picture is a symbol of yet another prayer answered by a faithful God and loving family.

Because that picture was taken by the webcam of our new Dell Inspiron.

We’re in love.

I mean, who knew that blogging from an upright laptop screen could be so great? Typing with two hands is so much faster- holding the screen up with one hand and typing with the other was a bit awkward 🙂

Praising Him!


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