The Verdict is In

I’ve had 20 months to make my decision (30 if you count those first 10 “tummy months.”)

Not that I needed 20 months to decide…1 second did it for me.

I love this mothering thing.

And I don’t need a day devoted to me to remind me of the sweetness of this job of mine.

However…if my husband wants to dote on me & remind my boy to give me extra kisses, I’ll allow it. But by golly, ONLY for this one day 🙂

On a more serious note…

I have a terrific group of mothers in my life.

My wonderful mom who instilled an absolute love for all things mothering in me. I learned from her that to be a mother-to cook, to clean, to cuddle, to correct- is the most highly esteemed, and privileged (albeit underpaid) job that there is.

My precious grandmothers who were & still are faithful to their husbands and children- faithful to pray, faithful to love, and faithful to laugh!

My patient older sister who has been my guide to daily mothering since day one- never laughing at my silly questions, or frantic need for right now medical advice. 

My mother-in-law who, along with her husband, raised a strong & sensitive man who is the love of my life and the leader of my home.

And many, many more.

The shoes to be filled are great, but this girl’s size 11’s are up for the challenge!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies & those longing to be Mommies!

With Love,


My most wonderful gift on this Mother’s Day…



One comment on “The Verdict is In

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    Thank you Heidi for your sweet words about mothers! You have turned out to be a wonderful, godly mother and I am proud of you and Megan for this. And yes, I do remember that you LOVED to cuddle! 🙂 I learned my love of mothering from my mother, who learned it from hers, and so on…..I know that if God sees fit to give you and Nate a daughter, you will teach her to love being a mommy too. LOVE YOU, MOM

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