Learning to Let Go

Nathan & I have had to make some big decisions recently. The biggest being that we feel the Lord calling us to resign from the position of youth leadership at our church.

It was not a decision made lightly, and it involved many tears and lots of prayers.

We love those teens, and have so enjoyed working with their families for the past 4 1/2 years.

But when God shows you (abundantly) that it’s time to go, it’s hard, and unwise, to argue.

So we didn’t (much 😉 )

And after we made that tough decision, God poured His affirmation ALL over us.

I am the type of person who, although bull-headed and stubbornly independent at times, does NOT like to disappoint others, or let people down. Walking away from this position left me feeling that lots of people would be disappointed with me, looking at the two of us as quitters.

Within literally 2 days of making this decision, I received two blogposts from two of my favorite devotional bloggers: Sarah Mae of “Stretching into Blue” and Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 Woman.

Sarah Mae’s post was entitled “It’s Okay to Quit.” Wow. She went on to say that she had overextended herself in a certain area of her ministry, and she felt the Lord calling her to let that part of her ministry go. And she obeyed the Lord. And people were gracious to her, and understanding. She said:

“I was afraid that people would be angry and tell me how much I had let them down, but that didn’t happen. I received dozens of emails and messages thanking me for putting my family before my work. It made me realize that women are craving leaders who put their families first. Do you know how much that encourages my heart? Deeply.

God affirmed me in the struggle.

He works in the tension.”

I was so encouraged. I feel exactly that way…afraid. But as she said, family is first. And at this time in my life, the Lord seems to be taking away something in order to allow me more fully to be there for my family. And I thank Him for it.

Lysa’s post was entitled “I’m really afraid!” She spoke of being afraid of a certain thing, and allowing that fear to rule her for over a year. Then she challenged the reader (me!) by asking if there was anything that we were avoiding doing because fear was ruling our hearts. And I knew that, after much prayer, we had done as the Lord asked of us. And that’s that…no more fear, no wondering.

Just embracing this new phase.

As my Mom encouraged, “No one can argue with you when you say that you felt the Lord leading you to step down.”

That’s so true. You can’t argue with Him…at least not successfully.

Learning as we go. That’s our story.



6 comments on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Kelly Cassell says:

    Heidi…..we love you and Nathan and appreciate so much what you have done for our teens! We will miss you both terribly but also know that you have to follow the Lord’s calling. We may not like it, but we have to accept it. 😦

    Rob & Kelly

  2. Hannah Mora says:

    Going through the same thing in our lives right now as we will be moving this summer to a new ministry in Shelby, NC. It’s hard to let go of ministries that we feel like God only wants us to do here. He always raises up new people. Praying for you guys during this transition as we know how you feel! Isn’t God’s affirmation amazing though? = ) Thanks for sharing this! So encouraging to hear.

    • Heidi says:

      YES, His affirmation is great! We’ll pray for you both too! Thanks for reading, and for the encouragement! It is much appreciated.


  3. Merri Holmes says:

    Proud of you for “Learning”!!! You did the right thing!!!! 🙂

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