Manly Men

Sisters- Easter Sunday 2012

I grew up in a house full of ribbons, pearls, make-up, tights, and lots & lots of knocking on bathroom doors.

3 sisters I have & a Mom.

We are girly girls, if ever there were girly girls.

But I did have a great Dad in the mix too. He kept me at least moderately tough and interested in sports.

However, his involvement in my life in no way prepared me for this… this life with ONLY boys in my home.

Just a husband was one thing.

Even a husband + a young baby was tolerable.

But these days, I have a husband + another little man in this house.

Lije is no less “man” in many ways than is his manly father.

It’s freaky.

10 Things I Have Learned Living With Men:

1. Testosterone knows no age limits.

2. Smashing into things is fun- the louder the noise that is made, the better.

3. Bodily functions, also the louder the noise the better, are funny for men of all ages.

4. The ability to “pretend” drive a car and make the perfect revving or sputtering engine sounds is an intrinsically male ability.

5. For boys, the less clothing the better.

6. The nicest pillows, blankets, and couch cushions are really just construction supplies in disguise- their true calling? A  fortress wall, or tent roof.

7. No amount of food is ever enough.

8. Just put peanut butter on it, they’ll eat it.

9. Wrestling. Wrestling. Wrestling. 24/7. Words fail me.

10. Everything can be thrown, passed, shot, dunked etc. Those activities are not limited to balls alone.

I am in love with these two boys, but if you’d like to send me a pretty headband to wear, some perfume to spritz, or some dark chocolate to be eaten all by myself, I wouldn’t dare complain.



8 comments on “Manly Men

  1. Sheryl says:

    Great post . . . or “why we can’t have nice things” – they’re building materials . . . no matter what they are! Ahhh–but they are the nice “things”, aren’t they?!

  2. D.Rene. says:

    So funny. In my house there are three of them and two of us. That means a broken couch, smelly socks and no food.

  3. Megan Mattinson says:

    That last picture is TOO cute!! Sweet boys, uh, men!

  4. Jessica says:

    These are so true!! I so can relate!! I’m so outnumbered and have been from the get go with my 2 brothers. I love it though!! I was a girly girl, still am, but my brothers taught me how to be tough as well. Yes I played football with them and yes they tackled me just like the other guys. I’d play army with them and paint my face like they did. Those were the good ol’ days!! Oh to be a kid again. And now I get to do it all over again with my boys. I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Although a girl would be wonderful too!! (hehe)

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