Life Lessons

Today I was reminded, by my toddler, of a couple life lessons…

1- Be thankful in everything

It was naptime. I always say to Elijah at nap & bedtimes, “Ok, go get in the big blue chair (rocker in E’s room) and we can snuggle.” He ran excitedly to the rocker, jumped in, and began to suck his thumb. Ultimate satisfaction. I finished what I was doing, and walked into his room.

I said, “Do you want Mommy to snuggle with you?”

He responded with his version of yes, “Uh, huh.”

I happily, of course, obliged, picking him up and encompassing him with my arms, knowing all too well that I need to embrace these days of requested snuggles as tightly as I embrace him.

When I had him tightly snuggled, he looked at me and said, “Tank ou.”

He thanked me for snuggling with him, but the privilege was all mine.

You are ever so welcome, little boy. 

That little boy thanks me for everything. It’s one of his favorite phrases, and he could potentially be accused of over-using it…but I’ll never make that accusation. It’s a wonderful thing, to be thankful.

I pray he always is, and that his thankfulness is always a reminder to his Mama to be the same.

2- Celebrate the Little Things

I don’t know about you all, but we have been enjoying strawberries these days. Ripe, juicy strawberries. Mmm, mmm good!

E has been really improving his “silverware” skills. Not every bite gets to his mouth, and it takes about ten times longer, but boy oh boy, do I ever love to watch him work tirelessly…bite after bite.

Tonight I cut up some strawberries for him, and he sat down with an adult sized fork to eat them. It took him a few seconds to figure out that he couldn’t get the slippery strawberries to rest on the fork, that he had to poke them.

When he got that first bite speared, he lifted his strawberry-laden fork into the air, and shouted “Yay!”

So I shouted right along with him, “Yay!” 

But it wasn’t just that bite that was a celebration… It was every subsequent bite as well, until the bowl was empty. Every bite was an achievement.

And why shouldn’t it be? Why don’t we, as adults, more often celebrate the little things?  Those minute to minute achievements or revelations that give us a little pep in our step.

That boy is full of lessons for this Mama. When I stop long enough to soak in these precious moments, I am amazed…


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