Big Happenings for a Little Person

Since I have been a tad busy planning a banquet recently, there are no words of wisdom to share, no advice to give, or recipes to shamelessly flaunt…just cute pictures of some recent excitement for the smallest member of our clan.

First off, learning, all on his own, that he can stick items into the holes on his Crocs (err “mocs” since they’re fakes…) 

Playing outside in this beautiful spring weather. We try and soak up every minute we can!

Getting to ride the “horsey” at Wal-Mart. We never should’ve started this…now we can.not.stop. What can you do when the kid points at it the minute he sees it, and begins saying, “Neigh, Neigh!”  The only thing to do…let him ride it!

Lastly, getting to go on a date with his Aunt KiKi. A very special, one-on-one date. Looks to me like he had a mighty fine time. A pretty girl & a happy meal? What guy kid wouldn’t? 🙂

It’s been a big week or so for the little tike. He also experienced his first bout with puking- I decided to spare you that picture, and smell, and clean-up job. You’re welcome.



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