Power- of the Peanutty Variety

Due to the “perceived” intensity behind my last post (I don’t know where you got that idea that I am passionate about the “Me, Me, Me…” attitude, 😉 ) I have decided to sweeten things up this time around.

We have sort of over-hauled the way we eat around here (can you “sort of” overhaul something? I don’t think so. oh well.) I am a firm believer in “all things in moderation,” and have no intentions of becoming an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, save the whales type. Not that those things necessarily always go together, or are wrong/extremist- I realize some people have serious health issues that lead to their lifestyle being one or the other. I just don’t want to get carried away.

I need cheesecake brownies, people. Cheesecake brownies with dairy, and white flour, and white sugar, and lots and lots of chocolate. I need it.


I have determined, in trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle of “all things in moderation,” that I am not good at moderating.

So, I have been experimenting with recipes that, due to their more natural, less processed ingredients, don’t require quite as much moderation, and are safe for my son as well. And a bonus is when my husband, the lover of pizza and mountain dew, happens to like them too.

I had seen similar recipes to this one floating around the web for awhile, but hadn’t tried them. A friend brought some to church on Wednesday night, and I was hooked after the first bite. Lije & I love them, and Nathan likes them.

I’ll take it!

I even shared the recipe with one of my official taste-testers, aka my sisters, and she thought they were great too.

They fulfill an undeniable craving of mine for raw cookie dough, but without the eggs, flour, sugar, etc.. (this one’s for you, my pregnant friends!) They are chewy, and they are delicious. A secret for you…I even added a few semi-sweet chocolate chips to a few bites of the dough, and it was surprisingly deceptive- I almost had myself convinced that I was eating my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough.

Hope you enjoy!


1 cup peanut butter (all natural preferred)

1 cup honey (I used raw local honey)

1 cup peanuts (or whatever nut you prefer)

3 cups of oats

Optional: Something to roll the balls in, like flaked coconut, granola cereal, chocolate chips (go ahead, be a rebel 🙂 ), etc.

Mix the first four ingredients well. Roll the mixture into small balls, and if desired, roll them in one of the optional ingredients to coat the outside. (I left mine plain, and love them!) Serve immediately, or refrigerate. The original recipe says that it makes about 10-12 powerballs, but I halved her recipe, and got about 16 tablespoon-sized powerballs. Not sure what happened there. 🙂

*I pulsed the cup of peanuts in my magic bullet until it was almost a fine powder. Two reasons: Number one, I am not a huge fan of biting into large pieces of nuts in my desserts. Second reason is that Lije isn’t ready for eating whole pieces of peanut yet. Just do whatever suits you!*

Here is a link to the original recipe . There is also a chocolate version there…haven’t tried it yet! Let me know if you do 🙂


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