Me, Me, Me…

It took me 7 years to go back to my “skirts-only” high-school wearing jeans. And not tattered, pasted-on jeans either. Dark wash, loose fitting, hole-less jeans. And I worried the whole time.


Was it because I believe jeans are wrong?


It was because I sincerely did not mean or want to offend anyone there. Did I always, or even most of the time, agree with the rules that we were asked to uphold at that school? Nope. But I followed them.

Growing up, I didn’t go to the movie theater until the summer before 11th grade. The movie I saw? Finding Nemo. Woo-to-the-Hoo, right?

Did we never go because my parents thought the movie theater was intrinsically evil?


We didn’t go because, in the capacity that my parents served, they were careful not to do anything that could have been offensive to the others around them. That’s it.

I am SICK of this era of tunnel vision in which we are living. Children are being raised to believe that their thoughts and feelings in this moment RIGHT NOW are the only things that matter.

If I want it now, I should have it.

If I want to do this, I should be allowed to do it.

If it hurts someone else, so be it.

That mentality is wrong. Dead wrong. We are made to serve others, to love others, to go out of our way, out of our comfort zones to encourage and build up those around us.

It is NOT all about me.


Dear toddler, screaming for french fries instead of apple dippers, it is NOT all about you.

Dear pre-teen, trying to dress in a way that is provocative to catch the eyes of a certain boy, it is NOT all about you.

Dear teenager, acting as though you think you are an adult who doesn’t need to respect those who have poured countless hours of love and work into your life, it is NOT all about you.

Dear adult, allowing your child(ren) to run ALL OVER YOU in an effort to please them, thus making yourself the momentary hero, it is NOT all about you.

Dear person on facebook, posting swear words and drunken picture of yourself, with no concern for the feelings of your godly parents, teachers, and church leaders who have prayed for you throughout your WHOLE LIFE, it is NOT all about you.

Grow up.  

Are we incapable of raising children in this day and age that:

-Speak when spoken to

-Don’t interrupt adults when they are conversing

-Don’t try to “bargain” with their parents

-Follow rules even if they don’t like them?

A rule is not an infringement on your rights. It is a boundary that has been placed upon your life to PROTECT you. Like it or lump it.

Am I perfect? Oh, no! Far from it.

But I pray that the day never comes that I become so brazen, so into myself, that I throw every standard my parents ever taught me, every lesson I ever heard in Sunday School, and every truth I ever learned from my own Bible studying, right OUT THE WINDOW, to fulfill my own desires with no care or concern for the way it will affect others around me.

It’s NOT all about me.


7 comments on “Me, Me, Me…

  1. Merri Holmes says:

    Preach it sister!!! 🙂 You got fired up about this one….and rightly so……we are raising a nation full of kids who want what they want…..and they want it now!!!!! And God is NOT pleased with that. Thanks for this reminder.

    • Heidi says:

      After all these years of teaching/working with kids, it just keeps getting worse…crazy! Thanks for not letting us kids run the household.

  2. adda girl! great post!

  3. […] my last post (I don’t know where you got that idea that I am passionate about the “Me, Me, Me…” attitude, ) I have decided to sweeten things up this time […]

  4. Melody says:

    WOW!! I LOVE it girl! You are right on!!! You are full of wisdom and it sounds like you had wonderful, Godly parents. They sound VERY MUCH like mine. That was always, and still is, their philosophy…they wouldn’t want to do anything that might be a stumblingblock for someone else. That is how I was raised. Thank God for that!

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